Monday, September 20, 2010

Gnomes Breaking Stereotypes

ahh... yoga. i'm so relaxed. let's make this post short n sweet.

Project of the Day
I did a lot of linocuts today and yesterday. There's one of Degas' Dancer Statue, an Alexander Calder, and one of the penguin in a tux posted last week. I couldn't stop thinking about it so I painted it and loved the painting so much that I plan to make a letterbox about it.
Here's the painting:

Artist[s] of the Day
Zoe Charlton and Rick Delaney
i pretty much stumbled on this when i was googling lawn gnomes. i thought to myself, 'do they make african-american lawn gnomes?' i'd only seen caucasian ones! so i googled it and a few pages later, this came up. GENIUS!
The art room's already fouled up again with wedding stuff. I'm going to stuff it all in a box and not think about it until October 10!
Speaking of which, 20 days until Albert and I tie the knot! How exciting?

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