Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Eva had her first vet visit today! I have never seen her so quiet or so submissive. She even let the nurses and me pet her belly! Poor baby got two shots, I couldn't look so I turned away.
(eva with albert)

Project of the Day- Handmade Paper Pinwheels
Wedding pinwheels! I got a pattern from this website and have made all of the cutouts, I just need to assemble them today. I get to learn how to use a grommet maker, which I am very excited about because it's one more thing to add to my repertoire! Dr. Davenport (one of the art ed professors at GSU) used to tell us that art teachers had a teaching toolbelt and every time you learn something new, you get to put that tool into your toolbelt. What's really cool is that when you have something you want to make, you can pull out any number of accumulated tools and use them to reach your goal. This is why I LOVE to just walk through Hobby Lobby and learn about all kinds of materials. Last week, I learned about the wonders of a glue pad- it's an ink pad but instead of ink, it has glue in it. Perfect for glittering stamps, embossing stamps, and, most importantly, FLOCKING stamps. I bought a lot of Martha Stewart flocking powder last week and am dying to try it!

{Wedding} Inspiration of the Day
I found this on a DIY wedding blog. It's a website where you upload images and it edits them to look like a miniature model (think train set type of thing). I LOVE it! After going through my photographs again, I realized that most of my pictures are close-ups so they didn't translate well to this format. But, I did find one from February's snow storm that did well. It's a photo of our house:

Artist of the Day
Horacio Garcia-Rossi- An Argentinian artist who was best known for "kinetic paintings" (which is strange, because wouldn't that be considered op art??). His work reminds me a lot of Naum Gabo's love of geometry fused with Bridget Riley's optical illusions. Me gusta!
It doesn't offer much, but the Hermitage Museum website offers some information on Mr. Rossi!


This is a funny comic. I thought I'd share so that you art dorks could get your jollies for the day. Enjoy! (clicking it makes it larger)

Also, if anyone is interested, the images from the first two summer camps that I taught at the Hunter Museum are on their website! Here's a sneak preview:

Lastly, a shout out to my future ex-brother-in-law, Sam! Here's a recent photograph:


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  1. Anonymous10.9.10

    My teacher in high school showed me how to do that miniature landscape thing on Photoshop, but I've totally forgotten since then :(