Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Amazing Art of Tim Walker

i completely forgot to post yesterday! i ended up letterboxing around atlanta for a good 3 or 4 hours and then took a long nap.
today, i was supposed to go to Buford to letterbox but ended up getting my first set of allergy shots instead.

Project of the Day

I was really lazy the past two days. I planted two letterboxes, but otherwise didn't create art.
I plan on making some new linoleum stamps either tonight or tomorrow. I will post images. I'm working on a series called "Kitschy Coo" that are letterboxes based on my tchotchke collection. They will be immortalized forever!!!

My westminster bells came in the mail over the weekend, so I will begin assembling the flower arrangements for the reception soon.

Next week I will be repainting both the fence and the totem pole where our ceremony is going to be held.
SO much to do. 17 days left already?

I also have to make more paper pom-poms so I might skip going to Buford until this weekend.

Inspiration of the Day & Artist of the Day
Tim Walker's photography is SO beautiful.
Here are some images:

I guess I'm trapped in doing wedding stuff for the rest of the week.
See you all tomorrow! Cross your fingers and make a wish that I make some progress!

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