Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wedding Rehearsal Invitations

i have this theory when it comes to making art;

if you embellish it enough, it can look

take, for example, our wedding rehearsal invitations:

if it didn't have the sparrow silhouette or the fancy punched edges, or even the rhinestones, it would look like a Holly Hobby scrapbooking project gone horribly wrong.

I guess the lesson here today is that if you church it up enough, it can look good!

here are some more images of these invitations...
ps sorry about the images i couldn't figure out how to rotate them and i'm ready for bed!

they were inspired by this project i found online, but i made it mine.
i found chipboard books at Target in the scrapbooking section for 99 cents (which included 5 pieces of chipboard AND a single binder ring). I got two, then started off by wondering what in the heck I was going to do to cover a SCALLOPED EDGE piece of chipboard. well, do what you know best.

acrylic paint.

i started off by painting the chipboard in this beautiful pastel aqua color.
then i hot glued rhinestones to each corner.

i ordered 4 prints (there are only 4 of these invitations, which is why they can be so elaborate) of an image taken by the talented Chris Wong at our engagement shoot. if you didn't know, walgreens photo center is notorious for (if you order images from their website) this auto-contrast thing that seriously threw off these images. the prints look TERRIBLE but i was just ready to get it over with.

i then used martha stewart photo corners in teal glitter and secured the image in the center of the painted chipboard.

lastly, for the front of the invitation, i hot glued a leftover tag (from our bubble favors) to the front, which i didn't bother removing the thread from (i like how it comes off the substrate, it adds an interesting visual aspect).

then i painted the inside of the front flap.
i printed off a poem onto yellow cardstock and then cut them to size.
i then used a martha stewart paper punch on each corner so it wouldn't look boring with plain ol' 90 degree angles.
next, i cut out a silhouette of a sparrow and glued it to the bottom. it cuts into the yellow square and creates a more inviting visual. for fun, i took a black micron pen and created a speech bubble so the sparrow is speaking the little heart wingding.

okay. now the top looked bare.
hot glued three rhinestones in a circular pattern surrounding the other heart.
now we have visual balance. i think adding anything else would throw off the effect.

second chipboard.
same printing/corner punching as the other side, just in a rectangle shape instead of a square.

the "join us" were letters stamped individually
instead of using an ink pad, i used a glue pad (you read that right) and applied glitter immediately after each stamping. then i cut each letter out individually. then each letter was carefully hot glued to separate the space occupied by the yellow paper and the pretty aqua color of the chipboard.

i was in love with the chipboard because it had a hole drilled into it.
this was perfect for the papel picado thing that I was dying to try.
so i hand cut papel picado out of tissue paper, glued it onto ribbon, and strung it through each hole and secured it with hot glue concealed behind a rhinestone.

i also put a glitter butterfly on the back of each, only i didn't know that i only had 3 so i made the fourth out of cardstock and added iridescent glue instead (not pictured)

this was a really fun project but i am beat! i think it must've taken me about 3 hours per each invitation. i've been working on them for days, but today i assembled and embellished. the hardest part was pushing myself to a) order/pickup the photos b) cut the papel picado one at a time c) bring the pc downstairs to hook up to the printer (my mac doesn't print unfortunately...)

but the good news is that tomorrow i can hand deliver them since i'm going to visit mableton!
ahh. everything is worth it.

Project of the day 2
i finished the terrariums today.
i tried to find fescue (i ended up finding seed but didn't want to take a chance of it not germinating in time for the wedding) and has no luck. i settled for succulents. however, the idiots at Lowes overwatered the poor things so as soon as i pulled it out of the plastic container, it fell apart. argh. well i salvaged a lot of it. i also used 2 types of moss that i found around the neighborhood to cover the dirt around the cactuses (cacti?)
i'm scared to put the plant stake i made yesterday in until closer to the wedding since i'm scared the acrylic will peel or the clay will rehydrate (it's the kind that you can reuse when exposed to water...) anyhow, it's safe in a plastic bag nearby.

Project of the day 3
i'm making a paper chain in our wedding colors that will be held up using wooden dowels on the outside porch/reception tables. each of the white links will have a bird dangling from string that i'll hot glue when i assemble it before the reception (i figured that if i glued them/attached them now, when i curl it up to store it, the strings will be impossible to untangle later on). the birds i hand cut myself, too. i'll post photos tomorrow when albert gives me the good stapler so i can finish (he took it to tech with him. men.)

Artist of the Day
all of this paper working today inspired me to find a paper artist.
now, i cheated a bit because i used artistaday to find them, but here they are:

click his name to learn more about this REALLY cool artist. maybe i'll do paper dioramas tomorrow...

HAHA just kidding... just kidding...

until tomorrow,


  1. Anonymous16.9.10

    Those rehearsal invites are AMAZING! I'm so proud of you! I love the banner-esque look, the papel picado, the colors, the stamping, cuts outs, EVERYTHING. You fu*k%n9 ROCK! You ROCKED those invites!

  2. Anonymous16.9.10

    Also, terrariums look great...I see some et fingers and the dwindle y giraffe tree in the tall one... cant wait for pics with shrooms!