Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hairclips and Pinwheels, all DIY

i know it's been a while, but i have an excuse... i found my 100th letterbox yesterday!

today will be a double whammy to make up for inspiration that wasn't posted yesterday.

craft of the day(s) [these are all things that i've worked on in the past 24 hours]
-new hair barrette/clips (butterflies, birds, bird nests, flowers)
my sample:
tricks/tips: hot glue ribbon to the clip and hot glue the object to the ribbon. if you don't secure it with ribbon and choose to glue it straight onto the clip, the outside heat will heat up the nickel and cause the hot glue to detach and will make the object fall off the clip. the ribbon creates a fabric for it to be secured to and, when attached right, cannot be detached from the clip (i hot glue the ribbon and then wrap the ribbon over the area hot glued so it can't fall apart). example of the ribbon on the barrette in the second image. :)

-tissue paper cherry blossoms
my sample:
tricks/tips: my best advice is NOT to use the directions on the martha stewart website. the directions are terrible. i developed my own method to make these. i'll do a post one day in the next few weeks that are all directions to creating these kinds of things. i plan on putting 2 yellow stamen in each flower and then hot gluing them to a branch. these birds will be "hopping" around on those branches, too...

-paper pinwheels
my sample:
tricks/tips: these can be hard to make if you do them all at once. doing all of them one step at a time is easiest, especially if you take a break in between as they become tedious.

-pennant banner
my sample:

tricks/tips: use a ribbon that's slightly larger than the punched holes so that the pennants won't slide all over and look disproportionate. also, to store it, fold it up on itself like so:

my sample (in progress):
tricks/tips: clean the inside walls of the glass structure after you've put the dirt into it (or you'll end up doing it again anyway). also, use a spray bottle. i got lazy and my plants died in the last one as a result of it. it can cause plant rot very quickly. the bottom of the terrarium is filled with clear marbles, pictured at right.

-pop up flowers
my sample:
tricks/tips: use smaller bells (this was an 11-inch bell, to test) and a sturdy wire (i plan on buying jewelry wire, 12 or 14 gauge, white coated). this floral wire did not stand up well and is flimsy because of the weight of the bloom (a 7 or 5-inch westminster bell will help and look daintier)

-plant stake
my sample:
tricks/tips: use crayola model magic to form the mushroom. the stake i used is a shishkabob stick and didn't require gluing at all. after it dried, i covered it in acrylic paint (teal and yellow) then carefully hot glued a fake goldfinch onto it (available in the floral department at craft stores)

-shadow puppet inspired birds on sticks
my sample:
tricks/tips: these were made of valentine card foil (i got it on clearance in march) one side was silver, the other white. i took 2 pieces and put them together so that both sides were silver. then i used a cardboard bird that i had cut out as a stencil-type of thing for when i was cutting so they came out in similar shapes. i then glued the shish-kabob stick to the middle of one bird, then put a dot of hot glue on that same bird's head. i took the second bird and lined up the heads as the glue was still hot, then just did a small line of glue on the tail so it wouldn't fall apart or show the stick.

-my weekly linoleum stamp
my sample:
tricks/tips: i used a fake carbon copy method i taught myself in high school to transfer the image. i then used the smallest tip that i had on the joust and cut carefully around the pencil markings. if you recognize the logo, i'll buy you lunch there!

inspiration of the day:
yesterday, amanda panda and i went to roswell and we ate at this thai restaurant called Rice. it was delicious! the decor inspired me SO much. here's some pictures:

& here's panda making a silly face:
& we drew on the butcher paper on the table. we love art!
lastly, i went to tjmaxx yesterday in hopes of finding the perfect glassware for a terrarium and this little guy caught my eye:
i might make some watercolors based on this cute lil penguin!

artist of the day:
Jose Orozco
I found him in a book I was reading last night. He's the first name that came to mind :)
Find out more about him here.

until next time,

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  1. Anonymous15.9.10

    All of the wedding decor looks SO amazing. I can't wait to see it!
    That place, Rice, is so pretty. I want to go! I love paper art. I'll have to show you my paper doll project that I did at GSU...
    That Orozco painting is nutzzzz.

    Love your inspirations... they are inspiring! ;P