Thursday, September 9, 2010

Jewelry/Project Ideas & Inspiration

Let's talk jewelry/project ideas!

My friend from high school, Christina, came over today and we went to this cool antique/junk store called My Favorite Place (it IS one of my favorite places!) and Charming Charlie, which sells lots of jewelry at insanely high prices. Most of the jewelry is do-able if you have an inkling of how to go about it, but what really caught my eye today was this headband:
It is my goal to make one of these bad boys!
The hardest part will be finding the Russian veiling for cheap, since getting it in white or black costs two to three times as much as any other color. I do have some pink Russian veiling leftover from when I ordered it last time so I might make a pink headband.
Underneath the flower (which the stamen was made out of the same kind of white rolled paper that they sell in the Wilton cake section at the craft stores) is a burlap sort of fabric which was dyed blue. The flowers were made out of them, too, but i think something like a nice, fluffy satin flower will work well, too. The burlap was fashioned in a teardrop shape and was sewn at the corners around the headband to secure it and the flowers were glued on top. I think it was made to look a lot like an old hat, but the headband is what provides stability to the whole piece. This will be fun to make!

Also, my mom sent me a website called Tatty Devine that had a dinosaur necklace on it as such:
BUT it's $175!!! So, in true "I can do that!" fashion, I'm going to make my own and show you how I did it through this blog. Last time I attempted to make something online, I made this watermelon scarf and I gave it to my sister. At risk of sounding cocky, mine was better craftsmanship, didn't cost $120, and it gave me something to do during A[rt]E[d] 4300.

To make this, I'll be using shrinky dinks shrinkable plastic (which I use for about 75% of the necklaces I make because it is versatile- you can make ANYTHING!!!). Instead of trying to drill holes in the shrinky dink plastic (since it is 9 times as thick as a piece of paper, therefore flimsy, and might ruin a drill bit and/or my fingers, I am going to suspend it using tiny jump rings. It won't look exactly the same, but it'll look just as good!!!

Project of the Day
I took the day off from making things today to clean my studio up so that I can actually make another project starting tomorrow. Yesterday I spent a good 3, 4 hours finishing the bubble favors for the ceremony:
I embossed both sides of the tags (which I made with a scrapbooking paper puncher) using teal on the yellow and yellow on the teal. The teal tags have yellow string glued onto the bubble top (as you can see on the left) and the yellow tags have teal string attaching them. One side of the tag says "Albert and Katie" in the font Porcelain (a freebie by misprinted type, we also used it for our invitations) and "10^3" on the other side, since we're getting married on 10-10-10.

The pinwheels are doing well, too. All of the grommets have been secured in the middle of the but before I begin assembling them, I need to have the wires cut so that I can secure the paper to the pencil (I'm doing it a little bit different than the website that I posted yesterday with the instructions). I think I am going to use buttons to secure it (keep the wire from falling off) or rhinestones, since I have a surplus of both. I will post photos of how to make the pinwheels when I have all of the steps completed.

My idea is to use pencils instead of dowels so that they can be used as favors, and to get them in the ground, all I have to do is sharpen it and stab it into the dirt. Easy peasy and cute!

Artist of the Day
Revenge of the Goldfish, one of my all-time favorite artworks.
I had to do a Sandy Skoglund tribute since she is one of my favorite artists. True, she is fairly well known and I have heard of her before, but c'est la vie! She is BRILLIANT!

Inspiration of the Day
This image of Frida Kahlo is one of my favorite photographs of all time, too. It continually inspires me to mismatch colors, clothing, earrings, necklaces... It is really exquisite! It looks like she's floating on a magic carpet, too...

I know that I shouldn't have bought any more junk but I scored this cute little plastic statue for $4 at My Favorite Place. I've had my eye on it for a few months now...
Lastly, they replayed an interview from 2008 on Fresh Air last night since the man in the interview passed away on Friday. It was a serious "NPR Moment" when I was sitting out in the driveway with the car on for a good 10 minutes to finish the interview. You can listen to it or read the highlights here. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did!

Now I'm off to relax and take some time for myself. I am worn out!

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