Thursday, September 23, 2010

DIY Wedding Centerpieces using Westminster Bells

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Project of the Day

Began cutting/assembling the centerpieces! They look GORGEOUS!
I think I'm going to use the silver birds on shish kabobs in them so it looks like they're popping out.

Here's a sneak peek:

The pictures don't do them justice.

I also made 48 mini poufs for the garland that will be on our getaway car.
Still have to tie them to strings/suction cups.

AND I folded over 110 pieces of tissue paper to make pom-poms!
They're still folded up (not poufed out) but will be SO pretty when the time comes.

Also began cutting ribbon for the favor boxes. 28 pieces down, 52 more to go. Whew!

No artist of the day today, sadly, as I have to go to trivia tonight!
Woo woo!


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