Thursday, September 30, 2010

quick post:

projects have been all over the map the past few days! i haven't been taking photos since it's been SO much. and, for those of you coming to the wedding reception, i don't want to spoil the surprise. it's going to be magical!

today i repainted the totem pole that grandpa made when i was six. it started trickling rain while i was painting and then albert's mom drove over and helped me paint so it got done fast!

on the way home, i heard about this on npr:
it's a group that's trying to get more art in hospitals. it's really interesting, and of course i especially love the jeff koons CT scanner. wish i had one of those! speaking of which, koons is speaking at the high in less than a week now! i can't wait!!!!

tomorrow is cleaning/creating day and saturday is my bridal shower. yay!
gotta keep working on brushing out porsche's snarls before her family get back next week.
i think albert's sister is going to be pissed that she's become a blob of fat.

can't stop listening to Ludo's You're Awful, I Love You
great cd!

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