Friday, September 10, 2010

while a lot of you are snoozing away in bed...

i'm having trouble sleeping. what's a girl to do?
wedding stuff.

we made alexander calder-inspired mobiles in our wedding colors to hang over the tables at our reception.
but wouldn't it be cool to own something super close to the real thing?
i saw this in Dwell magazine the other day.
i forgot about it, but stumbled on it again tonight when brainstorming centerpieces.
for a small fortune, you can own one of these beauties!
they're available through nova68
in my undergrad sculpture course, i made a calder-esque mobile that's still hanging up in our screened porch. i hated working with steel because i was scared i'd burn myself! i ended up using the plasma cutter more than the welding torch, thank god!

i think i'm leaning towards making the martha stewart "pop-up" paper bouquet instead of ordering craspedia for the vases.
now the problem is that they won't balance well because we bought these small, dainty vases:
so maybe i could do just four or five stems of the teal pop up flowers? or maybe stick with the craspedia. i'll sleep on it a bit more.

i'm still torn with my love for terrariums.
wouldn't it be cool to have these bad boys centered in the tables with teal mushrooms to boot?

apparently, a current trend for the DIY bride is spray painting plastic animals in your wedding color and putting them around your centerpieces. i LOVE this idea!

i'm going to do this with yellow spray paint and all of my leftover animals that didn't make it to my tiny animal jar terrariums. i might run to goodwill tomorrow, see if i can find any glass cake plates to build a terrarium centerpiece with and buy a bag of plastic animals. i always have good luck finding the larger plastic animals there, even though i'm always looking for the ones the size of a fingernail.
my mom gave me a box of glass animals that she had when she was a kid, but i think she'd kill me if i spray painted them. then again, she wouldn't have given them to me unless she wanted them... last time that happened, i ended up with a rockin' green table lamp and an unhappy ma (apparently it was from her childhood?) at least it'll still get used!!!

the wedding reception has morphed into a bird-theme somehow. the hardest thing i've had to come to terms with is that this reception might look like a lot of random stuff, all unified by our color scheme of teal, yellow, and white. i wish i could stick with an idea instead of bouncing around the place. one thing is certain, though- we won't have to worry about a shortage of decor for the reception. it will be beautiful.

off to make polymer mushrooms...


  1. Anonymous10.9.10

    Good stuff, Katie! ~Kelley Sue

  2. Anonymous14.9.10

    DONT paint the glass animals!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Anonymous15.9.10

    Solution: Drop them in some resin and make a cool forest friends necklace. That way they could keep their glass/vintage charm, you could update them, and you could even give one back to your mom to wear on a necklace. That sounds way cuter to me.
    PS- I want one too.