Tuesday, October 26, 2010

back from paradise!

after a 7 day journey to two destinations in mexico and one in honduras, i am completely pooped! i can honestly say that i had a great time, especially since i got to spend every minute of the week with my husband! now, things are back to normal, so i only get to see him a few hours each day. sigh...

costa maya was beautiful, though about half a mile out of the port, there was absolutely nothing except the highway. we went zip lining there on these HUGE lines that went over the forests. the last line ended up at a lagoon which stunk SO badly that i was too scared to get into the water. but it was beautiful!!! we spent the rest of the afternoon at a sinkhole that had filled with water. it was really pretty, but, again, i was too scared to get in.

also, a shop in costa maya had these benches out in front...
and sculptures...

roatan was nice, but my least favorite. i did enjoy snorkeling a lot, but we sat around a lot afterwards and that is very difficult for me to do. albert and i walked until the beach ended at this beautiful wall-like structure that used to be a part of the reef. we saw a black lizard lounging on the rocks. it was SO cool! what wasn't cool is that we saw a hypodermic needle on the shore and it made me paranoid for the rest of the trip. i was so scared of stepping on something like it.

cozumel was really pretty. the ocean was crystal clear and warm. it rained a bit (we just dodged the hurricane by a day or so) but we went surfing and i really enjoyed myself. i can't wait to try surfing again! here's albert surfing:

my favorite port was cozumel, though we had no success in finding a letterbox there.
they had a lot of dia de los muertos items and we found this cute little shop where the lady hand made frida kahlo items (like key holders and earrings and altars) and sold them. i bought a paper mache skull there (though i almost bought a ceramic one from a nearby market, i'm glad i got the one i did! :)

another store, called mi casa, had a large day of the dead display in the window. inside, they sold all kinds of items (from christmas to traditional mexican plates, etc) but they had a really pretty display of DotD items:

the night we were in cozumel, albert and i had dinner at le bistro (a french restaurant on the ship) and (though i barely remember because i had too much wine) my mom dropped off a package for me which was a beautiful mini dia de los muertos diorama of a bride and a groom at a frida kahlo altar. it is one of my most prized posessions! :) i am going to gorilla glue a sawtooth hanger to the back so that i can hang it up next to the beautiful DotD painting that ART made for our wedding present.

speaking of which, today, i visited ART's elementary art classroom and watched her 1st and 2nd grade students make some beautiful day of the dead papel picado and calacas. her students really seemed to enjoy learning about this holiday (who wouldn't? skulls are so cool!)

i am working on creating the templates for the fiesta on saturday. this is the one for the dancing skeleton...

originally, i was going to recreate the skeleton i bought at the atlanta history center's day of the dead celebration last year, but i saw a Family Fun magazine at the allergist and it had a project called a "jumping jack" which i thought would be cuter to do with kids (it's also less complex...)

this Family Fun magazine (i think it's owned by Disney) had a lot of really neat-o crafts in it that i tore out and am going to put in my lesson plan idea book. i was really impressed and wanted to steal the magazine but was scared to since i'm at the allergist's all the time... :)

well, back to recovering/making dinner since alby will be home soon! :)
see you all tomorrow!
& i have a lot of artists that i will post about then since it's been a while since i've done an artist of the day!


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