Saturday, October 16, 2010

so, in two hours it will be 5:45am and we will be on our way to the airport for our honeymoon cruise! i guess i'd better make this post good!

on Thursday, Amanda and I went letterboxing in Alpharetta/Milton/Roswell and found this BEAUTIFUL gallery that deals exclusively in folk art. they have live music every friday for $15/person, bring your own food and wine. i cannot tell you how excited i am about taking some people here!

here are images:

on Thursday morning, Audrey e-mailed that she wanted me to make a Dia De Los Muertos wreath and I got sucked into a four hour project that was SO much fun to make! okay, so I got so excited that I forgot to take a final photo (I actually made a trip up towards Acworth yesterday just to give it to her) so maybe she'll send me one? :)
this is what it looked like about two and a half hours in...
the final product has all kinds of goodies glued onto it... paper calaveras (okay, not my best) with glitter glue and sequins, a frida kahlo mini painting (it still amazes me how people associate her with the holiday, but hey, i'm on board!), a frida kahlo shrinky dink, dice, rhinestones, paisley brads, dollhouse christmas lights, and some tin decorations that my parents got in Mexico a long, long time ago.

she starts a day of the dead project with her students this week and plans on using this for her bulletin board! when i get back from the honeymoon, i plan on jumping into the classroom and might possibly dress up as Frida Kahlo and be a "special guest" for her K-2 students. I don't know if I could do it with a straight face! :)

Last on my list is a big project. I decided to create a workshop/party of sorts for art/early childhood educator friends about day of the dead. I spent all last night making the invitations:

I wanted to stop by one of my Dia de los Muertos letterboxes and borrow the La Catrina linocut so that I could emboss the front, and my original idea was to have feathers going around the image, but neither of those ideas worked out. The final product were 8 individually unique invitations, made from leftover scraps of paper and rhinestones. I sent color combinations to specific people (for example, Audrey loves purple. I sent her a purple one that I made.)

Also, I had printed out the words, "fiesta!" 8 times onto a green sheet of paper that I accidentally left at home when I was at the allergist's friday morning, finishing the details after my shots. I was SO angry at myself: I had my glue stick, my scissors, the invitations all ready... so I looked to my left and saw a stack of magazines and I decided to just make it look like a ransom note type of deal. Okay, so working with what you have. I like it.

Part of the party (once again, incorporating the Frida Kahlo aspect... by going with the fact that she had a lot of day of the dead items in her home...) is that guests dress up as Frida Kahlo (a good ice breaker! and i guess good timing since halloween is the next day) and the best Frida wins a super duper prize! I ordered it off of Amazon yesterday. I wish I could tell what it is! ;)

Albert made fun of me because I packed a ton of art supplies/Art + Auction & Modern Painter Magazines in my backpack for the cruise. I get SO bored at the airport that I want to be prepared. I also charged up both of our cameras and have the disposable that Amanda gave us for our wedding ready to go! I guess this is good motivation to pick up the lens again!

i guess i'll see everyone when i get back!

in the meantime, albert's uncle dave took these beautiful photos of the ceremony.

all right! see you all in a week! :)

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