Wednesday, October 13, 2010

wedding overview

the wedding bells rang this weekend and we were finally married.
the day couldn't have been more perfect!

all of the lovely projects that i spent the last two or three months on making are in the trash, waiting to be picked up by the garbage man. it's the memories that will last, not the heaps of decor. i did save a few key items, like the embellishments on my shoes (to make hair clips with), the teal birdcage, and the fake goldfinches to put inside of the cage.

i am SO excited about getting our professional wedding photos back and albert is obsessing over seeing the video of our day. i'm not sure how long it will take, BUT we had disposable cameras at the reception and they have already been developed and put onto facebook.

here's a selection of a few:

i guess i'll have to start posting daily again now that i have nothing to do.
without a project, life gets very, very boring, even depressing, for me.
this is why i am looking forward to our honeymoon, which we leave for on saturday morning.

a selection of our favorite wedding gifts include:

-a large dia de los muertos painting in a super cool frame by the lovely A.R.T. that was customized with my dress and albert's outfit painted on it (i think she guessed about the color of his vest, but she got it right! :). it is GORGEOUS and i cried when i opened it. it's hanging in the front of our house so that when people come through the front door, it is the first thing that they see!

-a geocache titled, "Albert and Katie's Wedding" planted nearby the reception site, which will be activated after we're the first to find. the same family also gave us a handheld GPS so we can start geocaching hardcore, something we have wanted to do for a while! :)

-a disposable camera to record our honeymoon (i know that albert is excited about this one because he LOVES disposable cameras!) which came with a hand drawn card by one of my best friends, Amanda!

Artist of the Day
Blaine Fontana

to see more of his work, click here

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  1. Anonymous14.10.10

    um... nothing to do??? You have a workshop to plan for me missy ;) Glad the wedding was perfect. What pretty trash you must have at the curb ;) Talk soon. Congrats!!