Saturday, November 27, 2010

Artist Feature

It's been a while since I featured artists on the blog, so now it's time to play catch up! :)

Naroa Lizar Redrado
-Created a fake "DIY Artist Kit" website called iartistlondon

Jack Stuppin
-Makes really smooth landscape paintings

Sarah Emerson
-Atlanta artist who makes artwork look like paint by numbers!

Sister Corita
-She was a rockin' screen printing nun!

Paule Marrot
-A textile, wallpaper, and furniture designer! Oh & painter, too! ;)

Paul Nicklen
-A Nat Geo photographer of cool animals

Ruud Van Empel
-Does photo collages into realistic photos

Emily Wilson
-A whimsical sculptor from Tennessee

Rene Trevino
-Does acrylic paintings on acetate

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous28.11.10

    Those photo collages are AWESOME! I bet you could do your own rendition of this and ROCK it!