Monday, November 8, 2010

Chattanooga Adventures

This weekend was crammed with creative inspiration!
-Saturday was the highly anticipated Day of the Dead party & we had a lot of fun making crafts, telling stories, drinking wine, and laughing about our night excursion in Loganville.
-Sunday rolled around and I drove up to Chattanooga with Angela M for the Free First Sunday activity table (which was surprisingly not booming this month), a visit to Jellies: Living Art at the Tennessee Aquarium, Chatty Crafty (a craft fair), and to wrap it all up, we ate at Aretha Frankenstein's!
Here's the deetz!:

Day of the Dead Party:
-Only two people dressed as Frida (come on guys! :P) and Angela ended up winning our Frida Candida contest. The prize was the book, Frida, by Jonah Winter. Congrats, Ang!
-We started off by painting our sugar skulls (we pre-cast them in plaster), only come to find out that plaster retains a lot of liquid and the acrylics were not drying quickly!
-We made skull masks, jumping jack skeletons, and finished the night with a quick demo on bottle cap necklaces with epoxy stickers (quite possibly the quickest project ever!)
-We finished our crafts and wanted to find some "night letterboxes" together around Loganville, where one of the partygoers lives. So, we hopped in two cars and drove the long drive.... And after we filled up on Mi Mexico's delicious food, we drove to Windsor Universalist Church... The clue said to "drive behind the cemetery to the still in use outhouse..." by the time we were on the church's unpaved driveway, we all knew this was a bad idea! So, we kept going, but the cemetery was REALLY creepy!!!! So, we learned that putting five artists in a scary situation creates a lot of overactive imaginations! We chickened out and didn't find the boxes we set out to find. BUT it makes for funny stories!

We created calacas masks with the children at the Hunter Museum! It was SO much fun! The printer broke so we couldn't make more but that let us leave an hour early and as a result, we got to go to the Aquarium! Jellies: Living Art was SO pretty! Here's some photos:

These beauties reminded me of paperweights. These are by Thomas Spake:

This artist, Cork Marcheschi, sealed off his work so it became a vacuum. Then he ran different gases (neon is the orange, argon is the lavender, and nitrogen is blue) through it so it created really pretty, dancing colors. It looks like the lab of a mad scientist!:

These are Chihuly glass pieces. Albert and I watched a show on PBS a few weeks back that showed him making these works, so it was really cool to see them in real life:
This is work by Stephen Rolfe Powell. He has a lot of work in the Hunter Museum permanent collection and the Hunter just wrapped up a beautiful temporary exhibit of his work:
The entrance to the aquarium had these cute little pumpkins in front:
One of my favorite part of the aquarium is the butterfly sanctuary:

& we got to watch people pet the stingrays (no way I was gonna do it :):
The giftshop was selling "artwork made by the penguins"! For $15, you too can buy a nice piece of canvas with what looks like a child's hand smeared all over it:
Walking back to the Hunter, we saw this on the stairs:

Chatty Crafty

There was a really cool mix of stuff in this craft show! They set up tents along Renaissance Park and had a good, small number/mix of vendors. I was surprised at how much baby stuff they were selling!

Here are some of my favorites:
-Elastic bands with ties for the necks of baby boys (cute!)
-Tiny, palm-sized notebooks that had a slide on the front (like the ones you used to show pictures with)
-Spoons with the handles cut off, bent into pendants with resin cast in the spoon (image below)
-Recycled neckties, scrunched up into weird looking hairbands
-LOTS of things with buttons
-Those nylon sew-in zippers not sewed into anything, but curled up on their own into little flowers, then arranged so that they're like those bib necklaces (zippers and bibs, two trendy things now...)
-Some cool screen printed stuff by Young Monster, who recently taught a screen printing class at the Hunter
-Tiny, little porcelain teeth with a hole through them so they became necklaces (I want to borrow ART's kiln so I can make myself one. These were a doozy at $20 bucks!)

& Photos:

The Button Florist's creations... They're really pretty, but are probably a pain in the @$$ to dust and it must be kind of hard to find something to do with them...
They also had some buttons that looked like a tiered dessert tray...

But it wasn't chunky or funky enough for me to wear. (Note that this photo is from an angle, so they look mildly interesting. Parallel to your face, they're like little yellow lines.) They also sold large (like 3, 4 inch diameter) ceramic buttons but they looked a little weird.

Final Approach had some really cool revamped suitcases. My favorite one was a Bob Barker suitcase, but I didn't ask how much it was. I figured it was out of my $20 budget. Here's some images pulled from Google:

Black Gardenia sold some mini cocktail hats that were superb! You can find them on etsy here...

Ashley Buchanan sold some really dainty necklaces in solid colors (white, silver, black, etc) but there was one piece that stuck out to me... It was an egg with a crack on it!

It reminded me of the movie of a woman coming out of the egg with Dali, who threw paint everywhere. Click here to watch it! We watched that movie in 10th grade Spanish and I'd never forgotten! Here's some of Ashley's stuff:
Rorschach looking necklace...

Mister Other One had some pretty earrings like these:
The ones at the show were a lot more colorful, though...

SoSheSews had some really interesting "eco plastic accessories" (made out of old plastic bags)
Here's a coin purse:

Kingfly had some interesting necklaces. I'm going to take a shot at making one for myself some time this week:

...and that about wraps that up. Except this large hill in Renaissance Park (Angela says it used to be a landfill) that children were sliding down on pieces of cardboard! SO cute!
Hope you enjoyed reading about this little excursion! It was so much fun!


  1. Our family loves this hill! We have many pix of us sliding down it. Bunches of fun!

  2. Oh yeah...the Kingfly necklaces are super cute. Let me know how yours turn out. Best of luck!