Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fantastic Frida Feature!

Frida Kahlo Altar Box

I remember writing about this a few weeks ago and I never posted pictures.
I spent maybe 4 or 5 days with minimal sleep because I was so excited about making it. Well, here's the tour!

This is a photo of the front of the box. The "box" is a fake blue book that ART and I found at an antique store and got cheap! This photograph is one of my favorite photos of all time. The frame is from a dollar store in Amsterdam, the bird is from Mexico (my mom got it there -she says- 11 years ago but it was longer) & the red rhinestones on the front represent Communism, of which Frida was an avid supporter. The front closure is a button on a button and is secured with a thread. The end of the thread has a shrinky dink of a hand on it which refers to this Kahlo painting:

& here's a close up of that shrinky dink/clasp:

& (my favorite part) is when you open it up...

The papel picado on the left I hand cut! I am probably the clumsiest person I know so I was scared I was going to cut myself because it was so freaking tiny!
The Frida printout (on the left) is mounted on flocked wallpaper (that gray/white stuff) which is mounted on glitter cardstock.

Frida is made of Crayola Model Magic on a toothpick frame. Her red top is felt and her skirt is fabric. Her necklace are plastic beads (Frida loved wearing Turquoise) and her hair is made of threads braided together and painted brown. The Marigold in her hair is a sewing pin punched through some tissue paper stars. Her earring is another shrinky dink hand on a mini jump ring, glued to her head (I sat there for 10 minutes with tweezers waiting for it to dry)

Frida's paint brush is a toothpick with some of my hair glued to it.

Her pillow was hand stitched with a cotton ball stuffed inside. Her bed is made of a paper frame, covered with fabric (in green hospital color as an homage to her accident). Her headboard is made of toothpicks glued together.

The plant on the right of her bed and her craft kit on the left are dollhouse accessories. She loved plants and art.

The left wall of the box is dedicated to Lenin and Trotsky, who are in frames over a mirror with Marigolds on top. Frida looked in the mirror while she painted her auto-retratos (self portraits)

Behind Frida is one of her self portraits, a still life she did, and a photo of her and Diego.

The right wall of the box is dedicated to her religion. Frida was a devout Catholic. There is a cross (made of carstock/glitter glue) and a cutout of the virgin Mary glued to the wall.

The back of the box has a metal tooled cactus and a yellow cardstock cutout.

I hope that you enjoyed your tour! It was a BLAST to make this!


  1. Amazing! I'm a huge Kahlo fan. I love this! You did a wonderful job.

  2. you did a super great job but how did you make the mini picture frames