Monday, November 1, 2010

iDia de los Muertos!

Today is the beginning of Day of the Dead, a two long holiday from Mexico that celebrates family and life! Yesterday was the Day of the Dead festival at the Atlanta History Center. Que interesante! It was mucha divertida!

The festival was larger this year since they had large altars on display from different schools and associations around Atlanta. It was muy bonita! Y the food was muy sabroso! I still kiss my fingertips and lick my lips when I think about the delicious tacos de asada that I ate yesterday! YUM!

The best part of going to this fiesta was that it was a good opportunity to take photos to use as powerpoint images for the classroom!

Halloween (that "other" early November holiday...) was yesterday, too. Albert and I went over to ART's place and had dinner with her and her husband! It was SO much fun! We decorated her porch with Papel Picado (Punched Paper) like so

Albert and I dressed up for Halloween, too... guess what he is:

He was a Chilean Miner. Really great, huh? :)

ART was a really rockin' Medusa, but none of the kids knew who I was, but everyone commented on Tom's robot costume. I will outdo him next year, it's my goal! I WILL HAVE REVENGE!!!1


Check out the brand spankin' new letterbox we hid yesterday here

Lastly, I checked out Lightroom 3 in editing the photos in today's post and I am really impressed at how much Adobe improves with each edition of the program! If you want to edit, I highly recommend it! (Versions 1 and 2 are great, too!)

We'll talk soon!

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