Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mental Health Day/Funny & Odd Products

It's no secret. I am the queen of multitasking. Sometimes... Okay, all of the time, I take off more than I can chew. I love doing seven projects at once. So, in order to restore balance and keep my sanity, I have "Mental Health Days". These days are special because I get to sit around on the computer all day, doing absolutely nothing. On a normal day, this is hard for me to do. On MHD, it is easy. You have no idea how many nights I go to bed praying to Shiva that I will wake with more appendages than he:

Instead of posting about crafts today, I will post about things I found in magazines (I caught up with my current issues of some home/crafting magazines today).

Here's the stuff I dug up:

-A company called 4M has a product for children that's gaining momentum. It's called the "Plastic Bag Monster". It's an eco-friendly (!) kit that allows children to reuse materials, like plastic bags. Here's a snapshot:

-If you're looking for something different to hang on your door this holiday season, try the "Echeveria Wreath" from Viva Terra. It's made of succulents. And, for a whopping $100, we're not quite sure if they're real or fake cacti. Regardless, you lose if the cold weather shrivel these puppies up:

-If you have $330 laying around and you don't know what to get Suzie for christmas, why not consider the "Modernist Dollhouse"? The Emerson House by Brincadada showcases contemporary architecture and modern features: The sliding glass doors, LED lighting, and solar panels, just to name a few. Did we mention that it will clash with Barbie's outfit?
-Grandma always said that the best way to a man's heart was through his stomach. Well, now you can feed (baha!) on his nerdiness when you accurately decorate your hubby's Star Wars cookies with the cutter set from Williams Sonoma. Shapes include Boba Fett, a Storm Trooper, Yoda, and Darth Vader (and no, I didn't pull those names off of a website ;) :

-One of my all time favorite overly prices online stores is Fred Flare. These innovative hipsters are now selling a camera that you clip onto your pooch or kitty's collar. The Pet's Eye View Camera will snap photos in timed intervals (set by you) so that you can see what Fluffy or Fido are up to during the day when you're not around:

-Have you ever wanted to send a telegram but found that it's just too hard to organize one in the modern age? Look no further as Telegram Stop has solved your dilemma! For a mere $5.65, they will mail an authentic looking telegram to the recipient of your choice. Sadly, however, it arrives through snail mail instead of the pony express. I am definitely going to check this one out:

So, yes. My day was jam-packed with products I never knew existed and a brand new bottle of purple nail polish. All in all, I would say it was a very productive/deserved Mental Health Day.

PS to keep you occupied for the rest of the night, here is a smidgen of selected bookmarks from my laptop:

*Mary Heilmann (awesome artist)
*Wix Flash Templates (just for fun)
*Samantha Mosby's Flickr Photostream (amazing artwork)
*Made With Love by Hannah (super cool blog)
*Corndog Industries (for your papermaking needs)
*Orange Hill (folk art gallery in ATL)
*Bookshelf Porn (SO awesome, new addition thanks to Caroline)

Too poor to visit Italy? No worries. You can still visit the Sistine Chapel here.

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