Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Some rockin artwork!

Momiji and I logged six boxes today! Because of this productivity, we were both SO tired. I ended up paging through magazines, pulling out pictures for my inspiration book. Now I'm taking it easy because I'm scared I'm getting sick! :(

So, lucky you, you get to learn about some new artists today! (I know, I know! It's about time! :)

Debbie Smyth, Thread Artist
Debbie creates artwork using sewing pins, each put in strategic points to create large-scale works using thread! This stuff is nuts!

Dain, Graffiti-Artist-turned-fine-artist
Dain, who hails from Brooklyn, deconstructs starlets from the 50s in modern pop-art inspired graffiti portraits. Too cool!

Ralph Lagoi and Kate Lace
A duo of photographers that scout out strange hotels in Japan to stage their semi surrealist photographs!

Zhang Peng, Painter and Photographer
Peng creates macabre images of children and adults.

Lee Price, Painter
Price's paintings are photorealistic images of women surrounded by food.

Olafur Eliasson, sculptor
Eliasson created this cool staircase to nowhere for a building in Munich.

Nouar, Painter
She creates really cool pop surrealist paintings!

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  1. Anonymous10.11.10

    I'm diggin Smyth, Dain, and Price. Good stuff, girl!

    Kelley Sue