Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Operation Gummy Bears, etc.

I know I've been MIA for the past few days, but I promise there's a good reason for it. Unfortunately, I can't disclose exactly what I've been up to.

BUT I can share some of my projects from the past few days.

Mission 1- Letterboxing Tote Bag
Objective: Use a $0.99 tote from IKEA and transform it into a letterboxing gadget keeper
End Result: There are pockets EVERYWHERE! Approximate time it took to make: 2 Days

My favorite is the gloves pocket- It's in Spanish!

"Let There Be Light"! Holds my pretty floral flashlight. Thanks, Hobby Lobby!

The squirrel I made for a shirt originally, but used it to hide the stitching from the pocket I put on the inside of the bag to hold my CCs and whatnot. The squirrel is holding a flower and my First Finders badge from the Roswell box a few weeks back! Go me!

One of my favorite parts is the customized felt pocket for my stamp. My trail name (alias in this hobby) is "Nancy Drew", hence the monogrammed embroidery. I also had this cute little magnifying glass bezel with a thumbprint that I sewed on (Lord knows I don't wear that bronze color). CUTE!!!

This pocket has a gnome that I created that guards the compass. The compass lanyard extends up to wrap around the funky button, and that attaches to the button that is a facade for the rocket ship window.

The original tote only came with one pocket in the front. I ran a stitch down the middle and dissected it into two. The left holds the paper

The right holds my ink

Most of the materials I used was felt, fabric scraps, thread, (of course) a needle, gorilla glue (a LOT!) and lots of TLC/devotion to this project. I was SO excited when it was finished!

The inside of the tote can even hold my logbook so I can take it with me everywhere I box now (also will reinforce the pockets on the outside since they'll be crammed with riffraff)

Other pockets I'd like...
-Pen pouch on the inside for signing logbooks
-A pouch for my scissors (they come in handy SO much)
-A pocket to hold my scotch tape (so I can tape my stamps into my logbook)

Here's a sneak peek of my logbook & some of my stamps (I have 133 traditional stamps now, about 150 in total!)

Mission 2- Operation Gummy Bears
Objective: To create a latex mold of a gummy bear, resulting in much resin mixing, casting, and the end result... well, most of you will have to wait 'til Christmas to see what it the final piece is! All I can say is that I'm a genius! :)
Process: Using liquid latex (WHICH, by the way, exploded when I opened it and got all over my hair and neck), paint the gummy bears in 8-10 coats, drying in between.
End Result: SUCCESS!!!! I really doubted that it would work, but the gummy bear mold is REALLY sturdy and will be awesome for resin-casting. If you look closely, you can even see the bear's smile in the latex! Now I'm waiting for 9 more to dry so I can begin mass production of Christmas goodies.

latex drying on the gummy bear^

latex dried on lots of gummies^

final mold of gummy (pull gummy out of latex, creates shell) ^

-Here's another set of pages from my inspiration book (though the small one, not the one I scanned last week)

Also, something I'm loving right now is Not Martha, a cool crafting website that's inspiring me!

Much love,

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