Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trying to be Productive!

I read all of the Desperate Housewives Season 7 spoilers tonight! I am so bad! I can't wait for this weekend's episode now!

Project of the Day #1 - Oilcloth Pennant Banner

On another note, while I was catching up with episodes 4, 5, and 6 today, I created a really funky oilcloth banner for ART's classroom. I hope that we can hang it up on the porch outside of her classroom and I hope that she'll let me bring a gnome of mine to keep out there permanently! :D

PROBLEM: This is for an outdoor patio. How to make it weather resistant?
SOLUTION: Use vinyl-backed fabric (oilcloth).

PROBLEM: Where to buy it other than online?
SOLUTION: I settled for red gingham from Hobby Lobby ($3.99/yd) and I looked at Joann's Fabrics (had it in Green/Blue). HL also had it in black/white check, but the pattern warps into something that reminds me of Nascar. No thanks.
Wish I had time to purchase any of these oilcloths:

PROBLEM: How to cut the pennants evenly?
SOLUTION: Okay. Admittedly a junky solution. I cut the fabric into two equal parts, and then cut that into four equal parts, and kept doing this until I had 16 equal parts. Since I was too lazy to make a pattern (which I probably should have...), I folded each piece in half and cut it so that it unfolded into a triangle. Some of them look more curved/fat than others. Hmm.

PROBLEM: My fabric pinking shears were dull. :(
SOLUTION: Used regular straight fabric scissors. Took away the cool edge and made is yawn-worthy.

PROBLEM: Hole punch wouldn't work (it's vinyl-backed cloth)
Solution: Fold the top and cut a slit. OR purchase a grommet tool/grommets and punch them through individually (would've been the best option, but funds did not agree)

PROBLEM: They wouldn't stay in place. Expected.
SOLUTION: Hot glue won't work since it needs to be weather resistant. SO, I used colorful plastic buttons and sewed them in individually.

PROBLEM: Okay. So the centers are secure but now the edges fold on themselves.
SOLUTION: Sewing each edge down individually. A big time waster! BUT it gets the job done!

So, not bad for $4 total ($2- half a yard of the fabric/$2- a roll of lime green ribbon), minus some supplies like buttons and thread (a lot of you have those already)

Second Project of the Day- impromptu DotD Shadowbox
$2 shadowbox from Hobby Lobby

I have to rate this item a 5/5. Here's why:
-Though HL always has frames 50% off, this item was originally $3.99
-This item is more versatile; it has a removable inner frame
-Has glass not plexiglass (for 2-4 bucks, that's not bad!)
-Wood is unfinished (glue absorbs better, as well as a million other +s)
-Has two hangers already screwed into the back (most of HL's frames, you install it yourself)
-Did I mention the removable inner frame?

PROBLEM: How to glitter up the back and sides without making a mess/letting it still fit
SOLUTION: Leftover glitter cardstock. I measured each piece individually and cut out the cardstock for each. I used a glue stick to attach it and clamped the cardstock to the wood using paperclips (3 for each side, 4 for the back)

(those wood slits you see next to the glitter are the beveled edges of the wood.)

PROBLEM: What the heck am I going to put into it??
[possible] SOLUTIONs:
-Mini skellies purchased from the Day of the Dead festival
-I'll metal tool me a virgin Mary and create a mini altar

PROBLEM: What to do with the frame?
SOLUTION: Acrylic paint. I thought that having a dark, solid color would create a nice effect rather than creating visual chaos by decorating the frame with dots of paint (which I considered)

PROBLEM: To create some harmony/weight, what do you do with the bottom of the frame?
SOLUTION: I bought some mini marigolds to hot glue to the inside bottom. It'll not only add some more color, but some texture, and will create a better use of space inside of the box.

I probably won't finish this project tonight... I'm messing around on the computer too much...

**Other (recent) Projects**

Hair Clips!
I'm branching out by creating a lot of small hair clips rather than one large one...

These are for when I haven't brushed my hair, it's in a crazy half-butted ponytail thing ("the bird nest" as it's known around here) and they'll embellish the crazy! I can't wait!

Mexican Metal Tooling
This is a sample I made for the activity this weekend...

It's made with something thicker than aluminum foil which is indented with a dull object, then colored with sharpies. It looks pretty cool! If you hole punch each corner and connect them with wire or jump rings (the latter being the most safe for elementary students) you can make a cool little curtain display for your classroom!

Photographing & Photo Editing
Yesterday, I met up with my friend Xina and her boyfriend and took some photos of them before he left for Amsterdam today (he lives there). I spent some time today editing my favorites. Here's a sampling:

I was really inspired by something I saw on Etsy a few weeks ago... It was a terrarium someone made in a box you can get in the unfinished wood section at the craft stores... like this one... (note that this shows the three sizes you can get. it's not on entity.)

Anyhow, I must've saved a photo somewhere.... but trying to find it again, I found these...

Lastly, I saved my Frida Altar box. I am going to create a brand new post just for it!
See you in a sec,

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