Thursday, December 30, 2010

2 Day Recap

Today's post is a mixture of two days... My challenge yesterday was to try to get through a lot of this puzzle:

It's an IMPOSSIBLES puzzle, AKA a puzzle that has no borders and five extra pieces that don't go anywhere... oh yeah, and the images repeat themselves a minimum of 5 times. Yikes!

(PS the actual puzzle's image does not match the box...)
Two hours in and this is where we got before I took the nap:

Two more hours and we were this far along:

Then we stopped. And went to bed. And the today, after two more hours...

And then it all came together after a total of 8 hours! Go us!

I'm working on 3 projects for the apartment:
1) A gnome pillow for my room
2) A key hanger
3) A rig for hanging up my hair clips/bows

Will post images when they're all started...

Panda and I went to Borders this morning and we saw this:

SO cool! Our borders is shutting down in a week and everything's on sale. I ended up scoring a book on Pierre et Giles for $4! This cool tree thing wasn't for sale, though. :(

See you soon & happy new year!

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