Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Anti-Creativity Blues

Hey all!

I have done absolutely nothing regarding art in the past week. It's partially due to illness (yet again...) but now it feels like I'm going through a dry spell. Motivation is the hardest part for me, so most days I sit on the couch with Porsche watching Desperate Housewives reruns.

I am also in the process of packing my things for the big move to Athens. This includes going through all of my art supplies and tossing out a good bit of things that will never be used now that I have my BFA. This depresses me even more!

However, I can share with you some fun findings on the internets.

First- Necklaces.

ART has this beautiful necklace that is so simple. I admire it SO much that it makes me want to throw all of my chunky, funky necklaces out and wear one just like it every day. It is a very, teeny tiny skull on a silver chain. It's so simple!

If I ever get one, I want a tiny, silver button. I found one on ShopSCAD for $42, but the same SCAD student has an etsy store where shipping is free (as compared to ShopSCAD's $10 s/h fee). I think I could easily wear it every day. I want to hint to the hubby that this is what I want for Christmas, but I don't know how to do it without being so blatant.

The same artist makes these ADORABLE necklaces of furniture. I would never wear them though!

At Chatty Crafty, I forgot to blog about these super cool porcelain teeth necklaces that they were selling for $20 bucks. I completely regret not purchasing one now. However, ART! If you're reading this, may we use your kiln to fire some of these beauties?

Got an e-mail from my mom today about this super cool rack:

It's made by designer Steph Mantis and is a whopping $49.99 on the Target website.
I bet it would be a lot of fun to make with a block of wood, a "Toob" of animals, a freshly sharpened Santoku knife, and some gorilla glue...

Random thought- I think it's about time I unpacked all of my photoshop brushes, hooked up my external HD, and created a nice 'lil banner for my blog. I think this will give me something to do since I seem to have spent bucoos of hours on the comp this past week anyway. Might as well find something productive to do!

Speaking of productive, starting on the 10th, I will be taking 10 photos at the top of the hour, each hour, for ten consecutive hours. I'll then post those photos on my blog. Beginning in 2011, on the 11th of each month, I will take 11 photos.... and so on and so forth. I think it'll be a good thing for me to pick the camera up again and challenge myself this way. I hope to regain my love of photography, and I know that my DSLR will love the exercise! Plus, this Friday I am hanging out with my little sister for the first time in FOREVER so I know she'll like me to take pictures of her. Hopefully we don't end up watching DH reruns together. I've been known to corrupt the innocent.

I'm off to find the remote!

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