Sunday, December 12, 2010

Diorama Ornaments/Bucket List

Hi all! Happy Sunday! If you're lucky like us in Atlanta, you'll have some snow today! :)

I've been peeking around the internet today, finding some really, really cool DIY ornament projects... or inspiration... :)

via Giddy Giddy. possibly my new favorite blog!

via Family Fun. i have to say, i have grown partially attached to this magazine, despite it's affiliations with Disney. many a month now, i have looked forward to the new issues in the allergist's office...

via Cost Plus World Market. okay, so it's not DIY, but it could be... $9.99 is a steep price for this treat. we'll wait for the after-christmas specials. :)

via Bake it Pretty.

& a while ago, I found an article in some magazine that I kept for forever. It had a picture of the Mutter Museum's collection of medical skulls & a dad pointing at the cabinet with his son by his side.

Anyhow, this rip-out inspired a folder of clippings from all sorts of magazines with interesting articles about places to go around the world. Here are a few that caught my eye:

This cemetery in Massachusetts has some tombstones from as far back as 1665! A lot of the epitaphs are really unique, as well as the artwork on the tombstones.

It's only the largest water park in America. Enough said.

Who wouldn't want to go to a place where they give you a Master's degree in chocolate tasting? Sign me up for the PhD!

Okay, so that episode of South Park caught my eye before I saw it again, years later, in a magazine. But, this restaurant has cliff divers, caverns, an arcade, cowboy shoot outs, and a lot, lot more. Yum!

-Sacred Grove (Bomarzo Bosco Sacro)
It's a garden that was created in the 16th century by a Duke in Italy. It has massive sculptures of fantastical creatures!

Artist Niki De Saint Phalle funded these gardens with humongous sculptures in her iconic style! (also in Italy)

We've been trying to plan a trip to this place for a while! It's not too far from Atlanta, so it's close by. It was created by folk artist/minister Howard Finster!

Yep. So, what have you been thinking about this weekend?


  1. Anonymous12.12.10

    what about a January winter trip and then we can take a trip there in the summer for seasonal perspective.

  2. I love the part about skulls and cemeteries, so many exciting things in this post!