Saturday, December 18, 2010

Finster Animals a la ART & Crafting All Night!

Hi all!

ART graciously invited me to her school today and showed me her next project for 1st grade:

These were ART's samples:


1. Use tempera paints to do dots on the paper using your fingers

2. Trace the animal on a piece of construction paper the complementary color to the colors used in step 1 & cut it out

3. Cut the animal out, use markers to decorate body (focusing primarily on one word)

4. Cut out leaves/grass and use markers to make the first pattern

5. Glue the animal and the grass to the paper

6. Use oil pastels to create patterns around the animal

I made a few samples of my own (to show the kids all the complementary color combinations...)

Here are a few of the Finster images this project was based on:

Then we crafted for a long, long time. This was some of the damage we made:

& the products made in the process:

Champagne Cork Mushroom:

Penguin Ornament for the Finster tree & the Finster tree:

ART made a gingerbread house out of cardboard. Then decided not to paint it like a gingerbread. So now it's just a house:

"Slobdrey"shrinky dink (for a necklace) & future cuckoo clock necklace on shrinky dink paper

fun photos of our materials:

& these are some fun hair clips that ART made me for Christmas:

See you tomorrow!

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