Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I've worked on making Christmas presents this week, and unfortunately, I can't show those!

However, I do have some things I can show that aren't Christmas related!

-Get Well Soon Card

I drew this pretty peacock (inspired by something I saw in an art school pamphlet) onto a blank card and colored it in with colored pencils. It was about a 2 hour job! It was a lot of fun to make and I know that it went to good use!

-Christmas Program Backdrop

ART needed my help to paint this backdrop for her elementary school's Christmas music program. I arrived at 11:30 that morning, picked up a brush, and started going nuts, and at 6:00 that night, we were finished! It was really a collaborative effort from the both of us. She sketched it out. I filled in most of the train page, except for the darker details (which REALLY added some flair to it!) The other two pages took the longest, considering that they were both pretty full. I ended up painting the mountains and the foreground/middle ground snow on the ground. ART did an amazing job with the houses and the church. The music teacher even contributed and painted the deciduous trees green for us ("They're Evergreens!"). It was a blast to do, though the squatting and the moving was harder than a day long yoga session! Boy, am I sore today!

-Christmas Ornaments

As if the paintathon wasn't enough, afterwards, ART had me over for dinner and we wound up making shrinky dinks for another hour! Here are my Howard Finster inspired angels for her mini Christmas tree! (pre-baked)

-Everything But the Kitchen Sink

The last thing that I want to show is how pretty the sink was when we were cleaning up after painting...
THIS is my inspiration for the day!

See you soon!

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