Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Innovative People & Places

Just 'cause I'm getting tired of uploading art images, here are some people/websites I love. Hope you find something beautiful!

Designers/Authors/Crafters I love

- An interior designer, product designer (did some La-Z-Boy furniture a few years back!), author, and SO much more. His books, Hand Made Modern, and Kid Made Modern have inspired me to do so many crafts! His resume is infinite! He's hosted reality TV shows, written countless introductions to so many books (including my $200 Charley Harper coffee table book- He met Harper before Harper passed a few years ago and has some of Harper's original work in his own home!), and so much more! I can't get enough of this guy!

- Jonathan Adler is such an inspiration to me! He is a ceramicist who creates whimsical, sarcastic items for the home that cost a lot of money! His book, My Prescription for Anti-depressive Living, is one that I can always pick up and enjoy!

- I wish I had $200 sitting around so I could invest in a Leandra Holder item. I found her through Regencies, an online upscale jewelry boutique. She inspired my to create my "junk necklace", an ongoing project for four years now (where I collect plastic items in coin machines, prizes, etc and attach them all to a large necklace). I hope to own one of her kitschy necklaces one day!

- When I got my first check at age 15, I bought myself a Hello Kitty Pink Head necklace from Tarina Tarantino's store. I fell in love with her style! She's a jewelry designer with hot pink hair! All of her stuff is decked out in Swarovski and comes with a large price tag! I've since worn out that necklace (refusing to take it off of my neck for 3 years straight) but still treasure the three Tarina Tarantino Pink Head items that I own! Tarina also has her own makeup line at Sephora now, and even her own Barbie doll!

- I used to love watching Strangers with Candy when I was a wee tot of 10 years old! Amy Sedaris (sister to David Sedaris who frequents NPR) has authored two crafty books, I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence, and her new book, Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People. She is an accomplished comedienne and has a ROCKING apartment (I saved a clipping in a magazine I found in the art room in High School and to this day I still find new things in the photographs) & is one of my biggest inspirations! Oh, and as a side note, she's best friends with Todd Oldham. And yes, that IS a Charley Harper original print in her apartment, too!

Places I love a la Internet

- This website prides itself on having "one of a kind vintage items". Not only that, but they come with a steep price tag, too. They have a good selection of jewelry if you're looking for something unusual.

- Fred Flare is good in small doses. Sometimes it can get overwhelming, especially when you see the prices of the items you put into your cart. They have some things that you can't get anywhere else, and a good selection of books and unique coats. The blog is fun to read, too, but you have to be careful because you get sucked into reading them all at once... and wasting a day... or two... They recently opened a shop in NY somewhere a year or so back. Images of their store front windows are really funky!

- I don't even remember how I stumbled upon this little store. It's based out of San Fran and I would love to go to it some time. I REALLY like going through the items and pulling ideas from them. Some of them are really witty & they always have a great book collection if you're looking for items to put on your Amazon wishlist!

- This website used to be the bomb, but has diminished into a blog and an etsy store. They have some fun put-it-together-yourself-kits but most of the cool items don't exist there anymore.

See you tomorrow!

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