Monday, December 13, 2010

New Layout & Noteworthy Art!

Hi all!

I guess you have noticed by now, but I've created a new layout! Last night, Albert and I couldn't sleep so he played computer games while I messed around in photoshop. Two hours later, this is what I came up with! I'd been meaning to make a banner for a while, but I needed to think of a snazzy new title first. Please note that there is also a new link to the blog (i.e. it is now instead of imagination acceleration) so if you had the previous link bookmarked, please be sure to update it and visit often!

Things are getting out of hand with my attempt to chuck my art magazines^. At first, I thought I would keep them for future reference. Now, I am going through, making notes of all the artists that catch my eye, and looking them up one by one on google. It wouldn't be so hard if I hadn't filled up 3 pages of names already, and I am about a quarter of the way finished.

By the way, that issue of Art + Auction with Pharrell (yes. that Pharrell.) on the cover is probably the best issue I have ever read cover to cover. It had a lot of good artists in it, including...

Carlos Betancourt

Grear Patterson

Yoshimoto Nara

Polly Apfelbaum

Cecilia Paredes
Kim Dorland

Simon Berg

Carrie Villines

My attempt to save artist images based on century, media, and movement is becoming more and more laborious. Who knew that, after the turn of the 20th century, art would change so dramatically in the next 120 years? There are so many different types of media that it's difficult to pigeonhole artists into a movement or a media. I hope that by creating a database of art images, it will be easy to pull them up and create appropriate classroom projects. It is very, very time consuming. Let's hope it pays off!

Once again, all of the crafts that I've been working on can't be disclosed via the blog until after Christmas. My sister is leaving for a month long trip to Europe beginning on Wednesday. Her birthday is a few days after Christmas, and since she won't be in town for either of them, I gave her her birthday-slash-Christmas gifts on Friday. A few years ago, my sister coveted a Native American style necklace made of elongated bones in rows of three. My mom accidentally vacuumed over it one day and it broke. I remember the hell that broke loose when my sister saw what had happened. Well, I recreated the necklace (and enhanced it!) for one of her presents. Apparently, Hobby Lobby sells real bone beads. Who knew? I will post an image of it tomorrow when I visit her. Look forward to it! :)

A talk with my Grandmother on Saturday night led to a discussion between me and Albert about how we'll celebrate holidays when we have children (a LONG time from now, by the way). What if instead of committing to one holiday (say, Christmas), we jumble them all together and celebrate Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and other holidays at the exact same time? I can't imagine how it won't make a well-rounded child. Think about the tolerance and understanding someone growing up in that setting would have. Go team multiculturalism!

Gotta go run some errands today & continue working on gifts... See you tomorrow!

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