Monday, December 27, 2010

Screen Printing on the Cheap & Other Notable Items

Hi all! I hope that you had a happy holiday, no matter what you celebrated! :) Our Christmas was spent with Albert's family- it was filled with fun, Rock Band, cocktails, a delicious meal, and lots of family!

I'm in the middle of the move to Athens and I get more and more worried each day! School starts on January 10 (which I am SO excited about!) but the downside is that two weeks marks the beginning of my 2 year living-away-from-my-hubby. Boo!

Yesterday I purchased some of Umbra's Conceal Bookshelves from Amazon and I'm looking forward to using them to display my favorite books (the ones in foreign languages that I can't read that have beautiful pictures in them) and my gnomes! Our apartment comes fully furnished (which saves us SO much money and time), but the drawer set only has a small space on top and it's not large enough to display my junk!

(it's supposed to look like the books are floating.)
I'm taking some of my most prized possessions with me; The painting ART made us for our wedding, my Grandman's radio (which still works!), my Frida Kahlo altar box, my Charley Harper coffee table book, the Richard Hamilton-inspired painting I bought from one of my high school students, and that freestanding Cuckoo Clock that I found at Broad Street Antiques a few weeks back (maybe you remember the post?)

One of our favorite wedding presents! By ART!

Grandman's Radio

I have had the biggest obsession with painting my/others' nails since ART showed me her box of nail polish a few months ago! I change my color whenever I see a chip! When Ang visited last weekend, I painted her toes leopard print! (I'll post a photo when I find my phone...)

Today, I am wrapping up some loose ends of unfinished projects. For our wedding, my gift to Albert was to remake him a shirt from his childhood that he accidentally set on fire (you read that right!). The first time I printed, I didn't check the positioning of my "screen"and it came out lopsided. Now I have another shirt ready to go AND I made a stencil of the words on the shirt to print, too (my biggest fear: spending so much time making that stencil.)

(If I haven't already moved my fabric paints to my parents'...) I'm going to print it today! :)

The screen is a cheap method of screen printing if you don't have access to a pressure washer, unlimited emulsion, and a light source to expose your screen to. In fact, it takes about just as long to create this screen as it does a normal one (3 hours or so). This is what a normal screen looks like when it's ready to print:

This is the cheap way: It's an embroidery hoop with a fine mesh stretched across. You sketch out the design, and PAINT mod podge (a sealant) into the negative space so that only your image can be seen through the mesh if you hold it up to the light.

It's a great way to print multiple items and it can be used over and over since you can wash it without it falling apart. I used to have a bird ready to go on that screen and I used it for SO many things- demos in ART's classroom, my yoga mat, and my laptop case, among other things.

I had fun taking these photos of some of the remaining supplies in the basement/studio:

(that red stuff I hand-dyed at a workshop at GSU last year! It's different fibers that were dyed with Chochineal, a bug that feeds on cactuses in Mexico. The fluff underneath I dyed with a small amount of Chamomile, which creates a yellow color.)

(My cardinal. These birds follow me everywhere!)

My tchotchkes box. Filled with new items, thanks to Mom! :)

Train figurines sitting on the tchotchkes box.

Panda was kind enough to slave over gutting out this book so that we can turn it into a letterbox:

Oops, it's upside down!

I haven't really had any time to letterbox in the past month, which is a shame! Though Athens (and it's surrounding cities) have a lot for me to explore in the way of letterboxing! I plan on planting so many boxes! :)

So, that's it for now! Today we're either helping Bob put together his Survivor application video or we're running over to Athens to drop a load of stuffs!

See you soon! (I mean it this time!)

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