Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Worst Day Ever & the longest post yet.

Since yesterday was such a bummer day, I want to talk about things I love. I did end up working on some more Christmas gifts last night. I also spent hours and hours looking up artists from magazines I'm chucking. They're all in this post. Enjoy the compilation! Look forward to more!


Cuckoo Clocks (especially Chalet versions!)

Pink Bunnies (I could only think of the inflatable ones. I have a tiny collection of pink bunny sculptures. I don't know why. They keep finding me.)

Sock Monkeys (I found these awesome variations on google!)

Lawn Gnomes


Artists to Mention (going through my Art in America stash, throwing out anything non-interesting & saving a stack of art clippings for some time in the future...)

Daniel Blagg

Kaoki Honjo (does the Tilt Shift thing I wrote about a few months ago)

Steve Tobin

Wafaa Bilal

Willaim Eggleston

Nobu Fukui

Fernando and Humberto Campana

Marion Palfi (explores racism through her photography)

Ingrid Mwangi

Michelle Stitzlein

Marina Abramovic (performance artist)

Lester Julian Merriweather

Hung Liu

Jane Gottlieb (a new FAVORITE!)

& let's end with random ideas...

Miniature Dollhouse Necklaces
-with functioning hinges & movable parts (for when you get bored at work/class)

Barbie Shoe Necklacee
-punch holes in the backs of the heels and attach jump rings.
-arrange shoes in large quantities according to colors

I have this awesome idea for a bad day kit.
Whenever I or a friend has a bad day, we take out this kit.
In the kit, there is a cupcake mix including frosting and sprinkles.
Extra devil's food because the chocolate helps with the pain.
There is a paper banner that says "Worst Day Ever" on it that you hang on the wall.
There is a bag of confetti and five kitty cat noisemakers ("blowouts").
We bake the cupcakes, frost those suckahs, and put flat, circular pastel sprinkles on them.
Then we do a countdown to the top of the hour and in 3---2--1-, we throw the confetti.
Then we eat our cupcakes and celebrate the worst day ever.
Hopefully by then the excitement will get rid of the sad feelings.

See you soon!

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