Sunday, January 16, 2011

Art, Ham Tins, Grad School, & Babies!

3 Day Recap! I keep getting distracted (and our internet is doing it's own thing lately)

Friday, I went to ART's to help with her students' work since they had an entire WEEK without school and their art show deadline is next week! So, we sat on the floor literally cutting 14 classes worth of projects. Right now, they're doing the Finster project that I posted about a while back. The animals look so creative and some of their onomatopoeias are hilarious! (For example, one kid did a bird that goes "cooc! cooc!")

Unexpectedly, I ended up staying the night there, but we convinced Albert to come hang out with us and TT (ART's husband) and they ended up playing Street Fighter on the SNES for a while. I had a blast crafting/kickin it back!

ART recently reshifted her art room and it looks marvelous! I took some photos (a very special thanks to her for allowing me to do so! :) and want to post them here:

This is one of her cats, Nava, who likes to pose for the camera...

On Saturday after breakfast, we parted ways and Albert and I returned home. We were planning on going ice skating but ended up sitting in bed with our cats doing homework, which I thoroughly enjoyed, too!

I guess that leads me to my next topic... I had my first graduate class on Thursday night!
Half of the class didn't show, so the professor gave us a lecture he presented in Ireland in December. It was really interesting!

Our homework is to read two articles, one by Elliott Eisner and the other about Arts-Based Learning in a middle school English classroom. I finished those last night and really enjoyed them a lot (to my surprise!)

The Arts-Based Learning project was one of my favorites. It's aptly titled, The Backpack Project. An English teacher in California started the whole thing. This teacher had two classes do the experiment; one class of mixed performances, and one class of high achievers.

The first class was split into two groups; the problem children and the self-motivated students. They were told to draw their backpacks. Then they were told to shade their backpacks. As they worked, the teacher read an excerpt from a book about soldiers and their knapsacks by Tim O'Brien. After the excerpt was over, the students put down their vine charcoal (which is easy to smudge and go over if you make a mistake) and the teacher asked them what the soldiers had in their bags. First, the tangible- items that they literally carried. Then, without using the word intangible, the teacher asked them what else they carried. The students started saying things like "love" and "fear" and seemed to thoroughly comprehend the reading. The teacher followed up by asking the students to write an essay about what they carry in their own backpacks. Some of the results were profound (for example, "dreams of the future and the pencil that I will use to take me there"). They wrote more than they ever had on an assignment and really grasped the concept.

The second class, of high achievers, didn't do the art project. They just listened to the reading and discussed it. Nobody even scratched the surface of the intangible. They took it literally. When they had finished their own writing assignments, the teacher was disappointed to see that nobody had taken the project a step further.

This project was redone by a teacher in Winder (near Athens) but expanded just a bit. She got very similar results with the arts-based learning projects. This study creates an excellent argument for interdisciplinary (multi-discipline) learning, especially when incorporating the arts because it taps students into the intangible.

I love that story so much!

But, onto other things... Albert's cousin is having a baby in April and her shower is coming up in a few weeks so I am brainstorming what to make her for our gift. I had the hardest time finding plain baby bibs yesterday (actually, I was unsuccessful, unless they were 10 packs...) so I am still trying to come up with things to make. I did see a really cool Keith Haring oilcloth bib, though-

Also, while at Homegoods in Dunwoody, I saw this shadowbox of Jesus on sale for $12... I was thinking of getting it and jazzing it up with some glitter on the frame and mat.... I think it could be really kitschy if applied in the right way! :D

Martha Stewart's craft of the day yesterday was this cool diorama made of a ham tin:

& last night I accidentally found these Day of the Dead baby items by Sugarbooger:

If Albert and I end up having a boy, I'm doing a Day of the Dead theme for the nursery and I'm snagging all of these items! (& hanging that painting that ART made for our wedding in the middle of the room! :)

The Theater in the Square (in Marietta) is performing Hitchcock's 39 Steps until February 20th! I hope that we get a chance to go! (we loved that movie! :)

Let's end on that note!
See you tomorrow! :)

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