Thursday, January 20, 2011

Create a Unique/DIY Lamp...

I've got to start coming up with snazzier titles for each post. I googled "The Daily Telecraft" today and the blog was actually the first thing to come up! The post titles sounded a bit boring. I should start using catchy phrases. We've also gotten over 1,500 hits since I started this puppy up! This is progress, people! :)

My mom got me these weird pieces of plastic for Christmas that look like plastic thread organizers. They're flexible and they're used to create these things called Elementry Lamps. These are photos she took of the display at a market in London, where she got them:

My mom is really good at finding oddities that I absolutely love. My sister's another one who can pinpoint things I like. She got me a Frida Kahlo bag from Amsterdam when she was there last month:

The one I have is the middle row on the far left! Que lindo! (this is the only image that had it when I googled it! but hey, it's just more inspiration!)

I feel like such an idiot because I used to have a baby blue La Catrina tote bag, but I'm pretty sure I gave it to Goodwill (if not, it's in a box somewhere in my parents' attic and won't be discovered again until I have children)

I have read SO much about the history of art education and the history of curriculum theory in the past three days. I think I could get sick from overload of information (luckily I write SO many notes to summarize the reading)!

During my reading, I rarely took a break to work on a craft (for sanity's sake!)

What was I up to? I'm so glad you asked!
I am creating a VERY miniature altar of Van Gogh as a gift for ART.
It's approximately .75 inches tall and I had to use a pair of pointed tweezers to place the rhinestones around the inside frame. I'm going to scrape what's left of my brain for facts about Van Gogh to incorporate into the "altar".

At this point, I haven't decided what to do with it, to leave it as a mini altar, to turn it into something like a necklace (either possibly screw a small hook into the top and close the hook to create a pendant of some sort, or to put a bail on the back and risk covering the detail up), or even glue it onto a ring... I kind of want it to be on a rotating hook so it can swing to either side at any time, but if it doesn't have a point yet, does it matter? It's so tiny!

I still haven't forgotten about the facebook craft challenge, either. I still need to make an item for AM, which is difficult because I could make a billion things! It's so hard to choose one! I am leaning towards something Hitchcock-ian for her since that's kind of our thing.

The barrette for SR got it's second coating of resin this weekend... don't get me started!
The bezel is NOT flat, which is poor, POOR design. The second coat of resin had just a tad bit more resin in it than hardener so now the top of the plastic is sticky. I'm going to try to paint a thin layer of liquid resin over the top to seal it up. Pray for me, my children!

Though ART had a good idea of using a heat gun/embossing tool on liquid resin to speed up the hardening process. I'm going to spend one day this weekend googling this concept...

I didn't get a chance to work on the bib Wednesday morning, which was really disappointing. I am going to take this morning to catch up on Desperate Housewives and some hand-stitching projects.

This is my progress so far, which isn't very much...

It'll look similar to this when I'm done... the colors are the same ones that they've chosen for the nursery! I'm debating whether or not to embroider the baby's nickname in a speech bubble or not. I probably will.

I guess I should go to bed now.
Lucky you, you'll probably get two Thursday posts!
Check back in a few hours!
-Katie B

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  1. Anonymous20.1.11

    The bib is AWESOME! If I ever have a baby, I want one too! I just hope the baby doesn't barf on it ;)

    Mi gusta van gogh. Can't wait to see it!!!!!! YES!