Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cute Crafts!

Today, I finished my gnome! I worked on the pants and shirt all of last night. Today, I created the head, the face, and the beard! He is adorable!

Here are some images of the paintings that I made for my parents for Christmas- They're of Felix, one of their four dogs!

Here are my new year's nails! :)

& the image promised of Angela's leopard print toes!

It's no secret that I LOVE miniature anything. So yesterday at Borders, I saw this book called Mixed-Media Dollhouses. It's about assemblage (imagine decoupage but 3d) & had some REALLY cool stuff in it that could make awesome potential future gifts! Here's some images from the book that I pulled from google:

I am SO inspired to revamp some of my shadowboxes! After reading through the book, I discovered that 75% of their materials were images printed from free stock photos to cardstock, cut out, and assembled into the above type things. Another 25% is found objects (especially around the house) and dollhouse pieces. A lot of them had sequins as an embellishment, too. Sounds fun!

Another book I saw is called Witch Craft and it had some neat ideas for Halloween (or any time, really!) Below are the cover of the book and my two favorite crafts from the book:

(I used to have some mary janes just like these in high school! cat ears & everything!)

I started painting the wooden panel for the key holder, only to discover that my [diary] key collection is in my jewelry box at the apartment. Boo!

Gonna go craft some more!

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