Wednesday, January 26, 2011

diy bookbinding

While at Michaels yesterday, I saw a canvas with a flocked [fuzzy] "frame" on the front. Its unprimed canvas (so it would be difficult to paint if I decided to get it unless I tried to get a few coats of gesso in there) but I was thinking of doing one of those animal-people hybrid portraits on it. Here's some images so you can understand what I'm talking about:

They [Michaels] also had their Tokens charms (in the jewelry section) on clearance, so I bought two packs of the "sewing" themed ones and created a pair of scissor earrings to go with the button necklace that Albert got me for Christmas:

Last night I wanted to sketch really badly. I couldn't find a plain sketchbook that I liked (& for the right price) so I made my own. This is the first bookmaking endeavor I've ever taken on:

Here are the steps to create the book using my own method...

1. Fold the paper that will be the pages into a "hamburger" (like you're making a card)
2. Take the paper you want to be the cover and back of the book and fold it, too.
3. Use a hole puncher (I used a 1/4" punch, very tiny. A regular sized one will work, too) and punch the paper all the way across (doesn't matter if it's even or not, but use a ruler if you care- once every inch should suffice)
4. Take the papers that will be the pages and put them inside of the outside cover one at a time. Make sure they are completely aligned and then use a pencil to mark where each hole is.
5. Punch the holes into the papers one at a time (if you stack them and punch, they can shift easily so do it one at a time to prevent this, it will go faster in the end because the thicker the amount of paper, the harder it is to punch)
6. Take a pair of scissors and cut the outside cover page in half (right down the crease).
The cover/back doesn't accommodate all of the pages.
That's why we cut it in half and make the pages become the spine, like so:
7. Line up all of the pages and the cover/back ("outside" page) and take a needle and embroidery thread (not regular thread, it's too thin) and sew it together.
8. Check to make sure all the pages are secure (that the string is going through the holes of all of them. If they're not all secure, undo your sewing and try again)
9. Knot the string (here's an image of how I did it- a regular knot might fall through the hole, so tie it to a stitch)
10. (Optional) Decorate the front!

Here's the final results! (I made the 3d glasses one in between writing the above instructions and photographing the other! It's about a 15 minute project once you get the hang of it! :)

I haven't quite decided who to give the 3d glasses book to yet. Originally, I was making it for ART (it was going to have a snail in the grass) but I figured that she had enough snail stuff already. So, then I was going to make it for her husband, TT, who loves 3d media. But it could also go to AM, my fifth and final facebook craft challenge, because she loves stuff like this too. I guess my answer will have to be creating a second of it to give away.

On Monday, when we brought in our personal "artifacts", I forgot to post about a girl who brought in one of her favorite art projects. It is a HUGE, beautiful, shoe made of playing cards. Here's the photos:

She also brought an altered book about racism. This was my favorite page:
Hopefully tomorrow I'll be posting images of artists' work again!
See you soon! Enjoy the blog updates! & if you have gmail or your own blogger account, please click on the "follow" frame on the toolbar to the left. Thanks!
(Images today were all taken with my iPhone. Sorry for any quality issues)


The first book has since been updated:

& I thought this would be fun to post- A gnome table that ART e-mailed me! (TY, ART!)

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