Wednesday, January 12, 2011

FB Challenge 2/5, art, & books you can't live without!

I want to start off today by recommending some FANTASTIC books that any art-minded person should own...

-Photographer and artist Ninagawa Mika created this compilation of photographs inspired by Disney princesses. I haven't found it anywhere else in America than at a Japanese book store in New York (trust me, I've looked!) If you're fortunate enough to find a copy online, buy it!

-This book I found at the library a few years ago. It was made by Budget Magazine, which has since gone bust. They have AMAZING DIY projects for around the home, as well as tips for doing projects, like sanding/painting wood, reupholstering at home, and some fun places to shop for furniture!

-A book that was originally recommended for me on Amazon, that I found at McKay's bookstore in Chattanooga not too long after. If you're looking for some heavy reading throughout art history, this is for you!

-This is like a lighter/less packed version of The Annotated Mona Lisa. It's written at the 12-year-old level but makes it a fun read. It has lesser known facts about artists and is crammed with visual stimulation. Really, you can't go wrong with any art books from Usborne!

& I want to share the fantastic Nat Geo photo of the day from my igoogle!

Last night, I finished facebook challenge craft # 2/5, which is a skull pin for DB...

& I created an envelope to put it in, as well as an envelope for the elephant cards...

The skull envelope is made out of regular paper, while the other is made of flocked wallpaper from the 70s... it also has a funky button clasp and it was a blast to make! :)

& I'm working on the rest of the FB Craft Challenges today! :) so, here's some artwork!

Fletcher Benton's fantastic "Alphabet Sculptures" would make a fun project for elementary students!

Kit Rank

Ron Ventura

Walton Ford

I'll update you on the crafts tomorrow!
See you soon,

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