Thursday, January 13, 2011

FB craft challenge 3.5/5

tap tap tap...

this is the sound outside of my window, as the ice melts and tries to refreeze on the siding of the apartment building. eva lays purring underneath a plastic box nearby, and i am feeling calm as i type my daily entry.

i have completed another facebook craft challenge today.

for SB, i made a dainty hair clip out of peacock feathers, russian netting, and a cameo that i cast in white resin and painted teal.

this morning i also made some little papers to tuck into the projects. the original "handmade by" stamp was purchased at joann's fabric/craft store, and the "Katie Bush" stamp i hand carved in two different sizes yesterday morning. i used a glue pad (similar to an ink pad) on my smaller stamp, stamped it onto the tag, and then immediately poured purple glitter onto it. then i tapped the paper to remove the excess glitter. this is the result:

yesterday morning, i cast the latex molds i made on friday, and also another facebook craft.
this barrette is for SR and it is made of the leftover glitter from my shoes at the wedding, as well as keys from my diaries when i was younger. the barrette is not a flat surface, so i over calculated the resin required, which led to the liquid resin dripping over the sides of the barrette. as a result, the middle of the barrette has a small amount of resin covering it, and it needs another layer. this one will take a few more days to complete.

i am driving back to atlanta tonight so that i can spend the weekend with my husband, so i will not have many supplies with me until i return on tuesday. after the disaster of being stuck in the house without art supplies during the snow storm earlier this week, i am bringing a box of art materials to keep at the house permanently. i hope to update the blog with images of artists and their work, rather than crafts, like i've been doing lately.

thanks for reading and hopefully i'll see you soon!

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