Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fish & Bone Garden

Every time I’m on my way back from Athens, I see this sign and I want to take it!

Today, I went to Bone Garden Cantina with my mom for some delicious lunch!

(My mom’s car! I couldn’t resist taking a picture.)

Bone Garden Cantina is a restaurant in the middle of industrial Atlanta that has some beautiful Dia de los Muertos art as well as a unique menu। The chorizo is to die for, the tortillas are all hand made, and they have some crazy items on their menu (such as the avocado/ham/egg/jalapeno/onion/spicy mayo sandwich that I had for lunch today). It’s really a unique place and (if you can find it) it’s definitely worth the $$.

Here’s some (fuzzy) images of the décor…

& around November (when Day of the Dead is celebrated), they have extra special items in the restaurant (like a hundred decorated sugar skulls, no joke!)।

When I turned 21, this is where we came to get the drinks। Half of the menu is the drink list, and they are some drinks muy sabroso. I had a great time chatting with my mom, trying to convince her of the merits of public radio and how much I love to listen to Radio Lab while I’m commuting.

The big move officially happens on Friday and it’s down to crunch time. I am looking forward to a good game of Team Trivia at Mexico Lindo on Thursday night & it’s the last opportunity to see my parents and father-in-law, and friends from the team for the next few weeks. I have mixed feelings about moving at this point; I am excited that I get to go back to school, but I’m sad that I’m leaving all of my family and friends. It’s also the first time that I’ve lived on my own before (or even with roommates). I moved directly from my parents’ house to an apartment in Atlanta with Albert while we were both at GSU।

I have planned to take the Gulliver’s Travels gutted book and plant it at a coffee shop a few blocks away from UGA. All of my stamp making tools are at the apartment, so I’ll be making the stamp on Sunday and planting it one day next week. I hope to get a lot of the Athens letterboxes out of the way while I explore the city some more। At this point, I only know the area around my apartment.

I wanted to share some images of the artwork of Janet Fish with you. While I was on my first visit to the Hunter Museum, I saw this beautiful artwork in the back of the contemporary gallery and I literally could not stop staring at it। Fish has the most exquisite way of capturing light and transparency that I have ever seen. The most impressive part is that the brush strokes make it look so simple.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance to write again tomorrow. I have tons of errands to run and things to pack! I’m hoping to post some new artists tomorrow!

See you soon,

I was writing from my PC today & I didn't realize how much I love my Mac. This thing is such a piece of junk and it keeps formatting my text in Hindi for some reason. So, after attempting to copy and paste from a Word document, I got errors about Meta tags. You just can't win with a PC, can you? Sigh...

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