Thursday, January 27, 2011

the man who knew too much

My 5 Facebook Craft Challenges are... COMPLETE!

I took ART's advice and googled if it was safe to use a heat gun on resin. Mine was still a smidge sticky (even after the third coat). It's actually a remedy for bubbles (who knew?!), even though mine didn't have any, I figured it couldn't hurt. I actually saw a little bit of smoke blow up from the resin on one side of the barrette as I put the heat gun close to it. WEIRD! But it's done and beautiful. I can't wait to send it to SR now! :)

Last night, I made AM's craft. I was SO inspired by those beautiful books that I made that I ended up making her one with Alfred Hitchcock on the front! The image was SO hard to get onto that recycled paper!
I tried using three different methods before yellow carbon paper, which left a very, very faint trace of yellow on the recycled paper, so I guessed a lot of it. The original image was a tagging stencil I googled. Once I got it traced, I drew on it with sharpie.

This paper's thick, so I glued it down with a glue stick, then embroidered the edges with sewing thread. Don't forget my signature tag! :)

So, let's recap. These are my five FB craft items:

1. Skelly Hair Bow for DB

2. Elephant Mini Card Set for ART

3. Peacock Cameo Clip for SB

4. Glitter/Key Barrette for SR

5. Hitchcock Notebook/Sketchbook for AM

>>Happy grad school to me! I got a new scanner/printer combo and I couldn't be more ecstatic!!! Say hello to my new HP 4500 Officejet printer. This baby and I are gonna go far!

She's a beauty, ain't she? Not only does it have the hinged scanner, but the top is a scanner that feeds on stacks of papers. WOO HOO. Last but not least, it is an inkjet, so I can use the colored printing for my craft projects. It's a winner!

>>Noteworthy item of the day... A "like/dislike" a la facebook stamp set for the office.

My mom would love this! (She's a facebook junkie, just like me)

>>Today I will probably study all morning, since I crafted all day yesterday.
Other than the Hitchcock notebook and the barrette, I did this stuff, too:

Sketched my elf statue

Card to go with the baby shower present (I'm gonna take a brown pencil to that negative space between the robot's legs- it's bothering me!)

The baby shower present- Completed! The frame is all done (minus one tiny detail of a gloss varnish on the blue stars on the edge, but you won't be able to tell from a photo, anyway)
I hung it up in my room because I made a boo boo- the shower isn't for another week and a half, not this weekend. Regardless, I'm gonna enjoy this thing before I give it up! :)

>>& the artwork that I promised...

Emma Biggs & Matthew Collings:

Jan Fabre:

Shuichi Nakano (thanks to my sister for this one!):

Be sure to click on "Discover New Artists", the new tab on the selection bar on top of this page... I've posted images of artists' work and links to their websites (or wiki pages, if no website exists). I hope to put at least one new one a day, so check often!

Between you and me, Blogger makes it very difficult to upload photos and keep them organized. They write HTML as you work and a lot of it gets repeated and makes unnecessary spaces and stuff like that. It's a mess! I have a feeling that I'll have to just keep a word document of HTML to use and copy and paste it in each time I add a new artist so I don't have to reorganize it each time. It's really a pain!

See you soon,

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  1. Anonymous28.1.11

    Now I wish I was one of the five people that commented on that post :P

    Facebook said they'd never make a dislike button because they want to keep the website cheerful and positive! I love that!

    But those stamps are awesome anyway. Where did you find them? I want.