Wednesday, January 19, 2011

morning rambles, cute boots, & ambitious artists

Ah. You know it's going to be a good day when you wake up and have raccoon eyes because your mascara bled all over your eyes in your sleep. You may look like crap and feel like you're still asleep, but a cup of coffee and some light music are just what the doctor ordered.
"I love your long shadows/and your gunpowder eyes" -Prison Girls, Neko Case

I installed two more of those floating shelves this morning- I hope that I woke up the people in the apartment above ours since they always wake me up. It sounds like they are moving heavy objects every five minutes and the one above my room plays guitar at 3 in the morning. Thanks to White Noise Lite (app) for providing some rain sounds to cover it up. Oh, Iphone, what can't you do?

I learned today that my itchiness after I work out is an exercise-induced form of hives. Isn't that weird?! It's like an allergic reaction to exercise. Does anyone else get itchy after exercising? You can learn more about exercise-induced urticaria at this website. Now, I know I'm a hypochondriac, but this really fits the description!

I took a bag of hair with me when I got it cut yesterday. I can't wait to make something with it! (I know that would make some people REALLY freak out, but it's all for the sake of art!)

Yesterday, I saw this girl on campus with these boots on:
She told me she got them at Dylan's Candy Bar in NY. Next time I have $45 bucks, I'm snagging me some!!! My favorite part is the white background that highlights each candy & the pink trim! Truly the perfect shoe! Also, reminds me of Ispy:

My customized Igoogle is constantly proving to have tons of inspiration for me. I found this on the front when I logged in this morning... (i hope there's nothing incriminating in this screenshot...)

This artist has tried to draw all of the buildings in New York.

Say what?!

His name is James Gulliver Hancock & you can see the interview/mini article here.

This is all that I'll post for now. I have a lot of crafting/homework to do (gonna switch from one to the other so I don't get bored with either) today so see you soon!

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  1. Anonymous20.1.11

    I get itchy too sometimes after I work out. It happens espec. in winter, dunno why. I love you, and take this as written proof that OCCASIONALLY I check your bloggy wog