Sunday, January 9, 2011

a new beginning

It has been FOREVER since my last post, but I did write four entries that never got published. So, here's a mashup of highlights from those posts...

I moved!!! I am now a resident of Athens, GA and so far... I LOVE it! My roommates are so much fun!

Today is my first trip back home as a 30606 resident. I get to visit my husband, have a Bush family dinner, and, most importantly, I get to spend time with my kitties!

I am all settled in at the apartment and (though the first batch somehow got deleted...) I have some photos to share! :)

The view from my door

The closet as viewed from the bathroom entrance

View of the bathroom from the closet entrance

View of the bathroom from the shower (yes, those terrariums from our wedding are in the corner of the bathroom :)

Another bathroom view

& you can see my cactus collection on top of the shelf thingy... they love the humidity! :)

Some of my favorite items so far... :) (the day of the dead wall/shrine, the key holder, the floating bookshelf, and some of my tchotchkes! :)

The jewelry board I made out of a cork board (taken apart, jazzed up, reassembled)
It's hanging up behind the door

My art supplies shelf living harmoniously with my clothing in the closet :)

Not too far down the road from our place is a bus stop that is SO cool! I want to ride the bus just to sit at the stop!
Athens has a public arts project called You, Me & the Bus. Students around Clarke county submit ideas for bus stops and approved ideas turn into a reality. This is the one close to us:

Here's an image of the present I made DD for Christmas (since she just got it yesterday :)

It's made of drilled domino pieces, art magazine cutouts, resin, and elastic.
I purchased the pre-drilled dominos from Hobby Lobby. The magazine clippings were the hardest to make a pile of, as they had to be the perfect size for the dominos. The resin was applied with a toothpick and I had to watch it to make sure it wouldn't trickle down the domino. Also, some of the domino holes weren't a decent size, so I had to use a shishkabob stick to force the elastic through the hole. :)

I've already begun crafting again (literally once I had everything unpacked, almost) & this is what I've cooked up...

The fake book letterbox is ready to go. It's got a stamp of the vintage Polly Pocket on it since I found two old [1-inch] dolls while I was cleaning out my jewelry box for the move. Here's an image...

...AND, I FINALLY made some latex molds of some things that I've wanted to reproduce for a while...

This cameo I bought at an antique sale years ago. I had turned it into a hair clip (with blue tulle! :) but took it apart to make the mold. Now I can make a million hairclips! :)

This Ganesh necklace I borrowed from my sister a long time ago. Ganesh is a Hindu deity that I identify with very strongly, so I want to cast some resin with glitter in the mold to make a set of Ganesh pendants that will match my nail polishes. :)

Lastly is this cool cameo thing that I see all of the time on Etsy. It's made of a hard plastic and can be used for tons of things (gaudy rings, frilly necklaces, that sort of thing...). I got two of them as a Christmas present from mi madre, thanks mom! :) Now I can make them in any color! & as many as I want! :)

Last night, I took some of our wedding photos and tried to create a tilt-shift effect on them...
This is the best one. Let's end on that note. :)

…lend your ears to music, open your eyes to painting, and…stop thinking! Just ask yourself whether the work has enabled you to “walk about” into a hitherto unknown world. If the answer is yes, what more do you want?
– Kandinsky, 1910

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  1. Anonymous9.1.11

    love yor new place!!!! super cute. just be sure that you let your plants and terarriums get some sun light every oce in a while. btw that floating bookshelf rocks. did you make it? tell me how!!!