Sunday, January 30, 2011

papeles picados

Today I'd like to focus on my obsession with cut-paper projects. Here's some artists who do cut paper artwork (my favorites are the ones like Rob Ryan and Tord Boontje), and some who create the same aesthetic using different materials (for example, Lesley Dill's is made of metal)

Tord Boontje-

Lesley Dill
(I was fortunate enough to see her work at the Hunter Museum a few years ago!)-

Peter Callesen (a popular guy in chain e-mails)-

I am SO burnt out on doing readings that Albert and I are spending a lot of time geocaching today. We found two at a park down the road from our house, but now we're driving back home (near our parents' houses) to the park to where he proposed. See you tomorrow!

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