Saturday, January 22, 2011


Oh hey there, BFA! I knew I got you for some reason.

This is a painting that I did for the baby shower next weekend! I am so proud of it! :)
I think there's a few more details that I'm going to address before I put it in the frame...

While painting it, I was reminded of an exhibition the Spruill Gallery had in 2009 called Play. An artist had done some beautiful colored pencil drawings of toys from my childhood (including Big Wheel, Playskool, and others just like it)

Last summer when I was instructing camps at the Hunter Museum of American Art, I stayed with one of the education department staff since I didn't live in Chattanooga. She has a beautiful collection of artwork, but one I especially noticed- An oil painting of a Playskool toy in a toy helicopter. She told me that she bought the painting when she finished her PhD because it reminded her that she was going places, especially with her education. I still think about that painting quite often, and assumed that it was by the same artist that was in Play, Philip Carpenter, but it wasn't!

Regardless, here's the work of Philip Carpenter c/o The Marcia Wood Gallery in Atlanta- (Keep in mind they are all colored pencil!)

I also stumbled on the paintings of Steven Skollar in the process of trying to find Carpenter:

& lastly, I want to share the work of Sarah Graham, whose oil paintings look photorealistic!

I am so inspired by all of these artists that I can't wait to paint again!!! :)
See you tomorrow,

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