Tuesday, January 18, 2011

haircut, curriculum class projects, artwork, and other notable thoughts.

"Please, I know that we're different/We were one cell in the sea in the beginning/And what we're made of was all the same once/We're not that different after all" -The Minnow and the Trout, A Fine Frenzy

Today was hectic but productive. I also realized that I've learned a lot about myself and my needs since the last time I took a look at myself. Progress, not perfection. :)

When I woke up, I decided it was time to make the plunge. I got a haircut. I told the lady I wanted 5 or 6 inches taken off, but I think she took a lot more. It's definitely more manageable now, but I miss my bird's nest. I think that's the first time I've ever had hair that long before.

I was googling images of robots and found this by accident:

I think that I'm going to turn it into my new hairpiece! It'll be one of my projects tomorrow.
I have 2 episodes of Desperate Housewives to catch up on, so it'll be a productive hand-stitching day.

Class tonight was a lot of fun. Grad school is so different because it's so mature. The people in the classes aren't as enthusiastic to get to use art supplies because they use them all day long. What's the point of teaching art if you can't have fun doing it yourself once in a while?

I found this on the ground on the way to class and took it with me.

I tried to draw it, but ended up doodling:

The class is Curriculum Theory and Practice. We each had to finish this sentence with a metaphor and create it using art supplies:

"Curriculum is..."

To me...
"Curriculum is a fresh perspective on how to explore/view the world"

So I made a pair of "curriculum glasses" and a globe.

This is what my classmates came up with:

^an onion!
^the one one the end is a man balancing on an elephant, balancing on a ball

^pizza slices with different toppings on each slice

Then we discussed the implications of each artwork. (i.e. the gecko is always changing colors, the treasure map leads us to a common goal, etc)

Then, the bomb.

Our professor said that each metaphor we came up with embodies our personal belief of education.

My thought at this point: "score". How more student-based can you get than using a pair of glasses to represent your curriculum? I'm not just a teacher, I give a TOOL to my students to let them see the whole picture. I did consciously choose the world because of my love for multicultural lessons. I was so proud, I felt like I was beaming.

I love grad school so far. The classes are interesting, though a lot of work. I am really looking forward to the Multicultural Art Education class tomorrow night. Then, Thursday's class and my drive back home to Atlanta. I miss Albert a lot. It's weird being by myself all night (when Val and DD are in their rooms like they are tonight)

I want to post images of some artwork to wrap up the night.

Here's the work of Charles Tsevis

& Chris Berens

& Hans-Peter Feldman

& Huang Yan

& Huma Mulji

and I'll end there. Hope you did something for yourself today.
See you tomorrow,

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  1. Anonymous18.1.11

    Love the hair cut! Good jump girl! :D