Monday, January 17, 2011

Presto organization, Creative Finds, Art & Inspiration

"Life's a banquet and most suckers are starving to death!"

Back home in Athens! It was a great weekend in Atlanta/Acworth! :)
I had to run some errands today, but now that I'm back...

I have a brand new box for bracelets and pins...
(A great storage solution for chunky items like these is photo boxes... this one was $2 at Hobby Lobby! :)

Another storage solution (that I actually came up with on my own! :) is to hot glue magnetic strips to the back of stamps and hang them up like so (this particular setup is literally a foot to my right at my desk) After the success of the hanging stamps, I did the same thing to two notepads sitting on my desk... Presto organization!

I made a thank you card for ART today out of some scrapbooking materials (I haven't gotten into scrapbooking yet, thank god, but I still have lots of tools and items made for scrapbooking that I use as card making items)

I got the card pack (of 8) for $1 at Target (in the dollar section, valentine's items) and found the pink glittery frames at Hobby Lobby on clearance for $0.85 cents! The rhinestones were part of a Bridal bling sticker set I got at TJMaxx a long time ago (also for $0.99) that I use on a lot of things (like the kitschy matchboxes from last month)

I've also bought the materials to make this ring I saw on Etsy...

It came to about $3.50 total (the blank ring/dollhouse coffee cup & saucer set)
I was going to hot glue it, but the cup & saucer set are ceramic, so any change in temperature would make it fall off of the metal ring. The solution in this instance is to use gorilla glue or epoxy glue (which smells!) to permanently secure the saucer to the ring.

I also decided what to do for the baby shower in two weeks- I was really inspired by the present that ART made us for our wedding, so I'm going to make an extra special painting as our shower gift. I bought the frame today, and I plan on recycling a canvas from home when I get back on Thursday night. It was really tempting not to buy two more canvas (which the pair were on sale for $5 today), so I tried calling Albert to talk me out of it. No signal. So I (miraculously) talked myself out of it and just got the frame. Now to paint it the same colors as the nursery... & decide if I want to put a pattern on it or not...

I was STARVING when I was at Hobby Lobby (hadn't eaten since before the drive!) & when I went to the clearance section, I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me...

Today my Igoogle homepage had yet another talented Artist of the Day... Madeline von Foerster's paintings take Renaissance styles of painting and pulls a contemporary spin on them- (for example, environmentalism)

I was googling something about raincoats last week and I found these awesome "designer" raincoats (I say "designer" because they come complete with a three-digit price) with faux flowers stuffed inside of them... I think I would eat my firstborn for one of these...

Speaking of things that inspire me, one of my favorite movies of all time is Auntie Mame (1958)... Here's some stills from the movie (the set was absolutely FANTASTIC!)

The third stop on the inspiration train is a company called Flavor Paper that creates Scratch-N-Sniff wallpaper! It's just like out of Willy Wonka! The schnozberries taste like schnozberries! :)

Hope this is enough fabulousness to keep you full until tomorrow!
See you then,

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