Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

We got SO much snow last night in Atlanta! I think we must have at least 5 inches around our house! Classes were canceled today and tomorrow, which were supposed to be my first and second days of Grad School!

Albert and I suited up and went outside to play for a few hours...

Albert was sweet and let me wear his snow gloves, so he put Wigwams on his hands!

These are my feet sticking out of the cardboard box I sledded in!

This is the path on the side of our house. My first sledding attempt made me crash into the bushes and flail around on the ground!

Here's Albert when we upgraded from the cardboard box to our boogie boards!

& this is my snow-covered car. I guess I won't be commuting back to Athens today!

Here's some famous/noteworthy snow-themed artwork!

Peter Bruegel the Elder

Thompkins H Matteson
Winslow Homer

Heather Anne Murray

Edward Robert Hughes

KJ Carr (these sheep look like penguins)

LJ Oakes

& some cool photos from the annual Harbin Snow and Ice Festival!

Happy snow day, everybody! :)


  1. Anonymous10.1.11

    Love this! I wish we had taken advantage of the snow and gone sledding! We were PUSHED uphill in the neighborhood (went to Kroger) by some sledders. It was hilarious.

    P.S. They DO look like penguins!


  2. Anonymous20.1.11

    Me like want to go snowboarding....meow