Thursday, January 20, 2011

Viva la Frida!

The most memorable things about certain artists is their quirky characteristics.
For example, a lot of people can recognize Dali by his mustache and cane.

When it comes to Frida Kahlo, there's something special about the power she has to capture our hearts and imagination. Her characteristic is the unibrow. Maybe we hoist her up as an icon because we feel sorry that she had consistent loss and unhappiness in her life, yet she persevered and created amazing artwork inspired by these events. Whatever the case, it is so much fun to scour the internet for Frida-inspired paintings. Here's a selection of a few favorites:

I hope to make my own set of cute Frida paintings one day when I have lots of time! The smooth-skinned, tiny Fridas with flowers in their hair, crazy patterns, and pencily unibrows are so beautiful!

I finished the bib this morning!

I think I'm not going to embroider anymore... If I end up adding the baby's nickname, I'm going to screen print it instead. It all depends on time at this point!

I also had time to tape down the frame of the painting (of which I'll be doing this weekend when I get home to my canvas) and create a dark green stripe on it.

I bought some canvas/frame clips at Hobby Lobby when I bought the frame so it should snap on easily and be nice and chunky when wrapped up! I've never, ever created a painting with a frame to match so this is a new step for me! I'm uber-excited!

I haven't worked on the mini altar again since last night, because I'm debating whether or not to paint Van Gogh's Sunflowers on the back of the face. I think it would be cool to make two of these and turn them into earrings since he's famous for cutting off his ear... so maybe I'll go that direction? I know ART will like that a lot! :)

I'm also working on mod-podging my clipboard today. I have been collecting images of artworks to create a collage on the surface of this wooden clipboard (it's been an ongoing project for almost a year now...)

See you tomorrow!
-Katie B.

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