Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stumble upon this fun stuff.

When I was in high school, I recognized the merits of the Stumbleupon toolbar and discovered a lot of really cool stuff. One of them was Jenny Hart and this embroidered panel of Dolly Parton has been a constant inspiration to me ever since-

Okay, so it looks more like Amy Poehler, but it's still absolutely gorgeous!

Sewing was something that I never really learned to do by machine, but I do remember using plastic squares with holes in it to learn to sew with yarn in Montessori school. I guess that's where I picked up hand stitching from. I would LOVE to create a portrait like the one above some day! :)

We gave introductions about ourselves in the History of Art Education class last night and one girl brought an "artifact" that was a handout she used to teach students to draw cakes a la Thiebaud. I was inspired so I grabbed a sharpie and drew on some blank cards:

In case if you're not familiar with Wayne Thiebaud, he is (yes, he's still alive and kicking at 90!) an artist who paints various food items and came to prominence in the 60s around the same time as Warhol. Here's a small sampling of his most recognizable work:

Just for fun, here's a photo of a part of the art history mural that I did on the wall in the art room at McNair DLA... recognize anything?

When I woke up today I wanted to make a holster for my scissors, so I cut the only colored fleece that I had (yellow and black) and realized that it looked like a penguin, so I turned it into a penguin! My name is embroidered on the back. I just haven't decided how to secure it (a button would risk the felt, so now I'm leaning towards velcro).

When I was googling images of penguins, I found this cool penguin tea timer

Other notable items found include this colorful scalloped fabric flag garland from etsy:

Some Brazilian artists (Helio Oiticia & Neville D'Almeida) have put a pool in the LA Museum of Contemporary Art as a part of an installation. The idea was conceived in 1973 and was originally about freedom, but now has taken on a multitude of meanings. You can read about it here & here are some photos:

(images via NPR)

All righty. See you tomorrow,


  1. Katie, your penguin is so cute! I would not use velcro, as that might be a little too stiff for the felt. In keeping with the 'lightness' of the felt, I recommend a very small snap (or two). Thanks for the update!!..gina

  2. You ought to submit your blog as an art project. Just a thought......