Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Art History Snippet: Stuckism

Immanuel Kant with Flowers and Painting, by Paul Harvey
(relevant/interesting because we've been studying Kant a lot)

I'm betting that a lot of you have never heard of Stuckism before. It's a 21st century movement in art (aka developed in the last decade) that rejects conceptual art and focuses on figure painting. A lot of what they do is very controversial and pretty radical, considering that the "figures" they paint are prominent members of society, often painted with a harsh critique next to them. They have been known to do a lot of public demonstrations.

The term "stuckism" was coined in 1999, because at the time, artist Tracey Emin had told her boyfriend that he was "stuck! stuck! stuck!" in his artwork. The Stuckist manifesto was written later that year (this is not uncommon, the Surrealists, as well as other major art movements, had their manifestos, too).

Charles Thomson was one of the founders. This is probably one of my favorite paintings, but also the most recognizable/notable from the Stuckist movement so far:

Sir Nicholas Serota Makes an Acquisition Decision, by Charles Thomson 2000
If you want to learn about it, you can click here. It's got a really great background and really captures the essence of the Stuckists.

Here's some more Stuckist art:

The Marriage, by Eamon Everall (obviously based on The Arnolfini Marriage)

The Love Letter, by Eamon Everall (based on the Vermeer painting, I'm assuming)

Heather Mills: Beauty and the Beatles Money, by Mark D

Victoria Beckham: America Doesn't Love Me, by Mark D (aka Mark Randall)

A Dead Shark Isn't Art (from the Stuckism International Gallery, 2003)

& another favorite:
[a portrait of the cross-dressing potter] Grayson Perry by Ella Guru

Hope you've learned something new!

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