Friday, February 18, 2011

crayon art & more...

Hi all! I hope that today kickstarts a great weekend for you!

Thanks to NPR, I learned about this artist, Herb Williams, and his obsession with Crayola crayons. In fact, he has an individual account with Crayola. Wowza.

next to note is the eco-artist Erwin Timmers.
don't these glass sculptures look like hair or jello?

Next up is Olga Gouskova, who creates these beautiful paintings in acrylics and pen:

I know I said I'd post about my crafts, so here's a snippet of what's in progress/coming to completion:
Dinosaur Necklace:
I used a Santoku knife to cut the figurine into slices (needed the widest part possible), then I used gorilla glue to secure it into the bezel. There's still a little bit of silver that shows out from the bezel cup, so I plan on pouring opaque green resin into it to (a) secure the dinosaur (b) fill that void.

This was a compact that I purchased in the dollar section at Michael's ($2). I cut a disposable paintbrush so that the bristles created a tip. I used blue sparkly nail polish to paint over the design on the compact. Then I used gorilla glue to secure five swarovskis onto the compact. Voila!

Last to note is my photo for the day, Madame Furrybottom:
See you tomorrow,
-Katie B

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  1. i miss Madame Furrybottom! and that dinosaur is rockin!