Monday, February 14, 2011

DIY Packing Tape Image Transfer

"ART" by Katie Bush, Mixed Media (using method below)

How To Do... Packing Tape Image Transfer
images via this site- I didn't have packing tape at home! :(

Step 1. Choose an image (laser jet, xeroxes, and magazines work best)
Step 2. With the paper facing image up, lay strips of packing tape on top of the paper, making sue all crevices are sealed (overlap the tape if you have to, but burnish where the tape is overlapping)
Step 3. Run the packing tape/paper under water and peel all of the paper off
Step 4. You now have a translucent image! Trim the edges with scissors
Step 5. Seal the image onto your substrate with a matte water sealant (such as modge podge)
Step 6. Decorate! (Some matte sealants will allow you to color over the top with colored pencils)

I learned this method from a guest visitor to our Thursday night class. She had us create a 6 word sentence describing someone that has influenced us. I created this image & the one at the top of this post from my sentence. You'll never guess what it was! :P

See you tomorrow! Albert surprised me in Athens just now and we're going out to dinner,
-Katie B

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