Sunday, February 13, 2011

life goes on, brah!

Hi all!
I completely forgot to post yesterday. Between homework and running around Sandy Springs visiting Albert's Granny, I completely forgot to post!

I wanted to post about the Multicolr Search Lab, which lets you input up to three colors, and it finds Flickr images with those colors in them. It's really pretty! Here's some screen shots:

As you are all probably aware, Valentine's day is tomorrow. I'm so awful at keeping secrets that I already told Albert that I made him his favorite- A turtle cheesecake with a spongy meringue crust! He is so excited about picking it up from my parents' house tonight. I can't believe I spoiled the surprise! It took me about 3 and a half hours to make completely from scratch. I hope it's going to be good! If you'd like to make one, or would like the recipe, its the Chocolate, Caramel, and Walnut Cheesecake from the Junior's Cookbook. You can view it for free here on Google Books!

Yesterday, we briefly visited the library in Sandy Springs to view the ARTSS (Art Sandy Springs) installations they have in front of the building. Southeastern artists provide sculpture in front of the library for the public. Here's the two that we really enjoyed:

Greely Myatt's Quilts and Sheets (sorry about the sun!)

A cool kinetic sculpture called Sky Lark by Phil Proctor

Last night was Panda's birthday dinner, too, so we hauled down to Decatur and ate at Sushi Avenue. I gave her this sketch book I made:

The camera is made of construction paper/cardstock, but my favorite part is the lens, which has a sheet of acetate under the paper to make it shiny! I was sad to let this one go!

I also handed over two of her Christmas gifts; cotton candy bobby pins and vinyl record earrings. Yep. It has been that long since I saw her last. School's kind of consuming all of my weekends. :(

I am uber-excited because the people who ordered sushi gave me their little green plastic embellishments and I'm going to use them to create funky sushi hair clips this week.

It also gave me a chance to talk to AM face to face for the first time in a while. She had some COOL x-rays of her teeth with her. She gave me a few and in return, I'm going to make her some earrings since she just got her ears pierced! Too cool!

Tomorrow I plan on posting about a method of image transferring that I've never, ever seen or heard of before Thursday night's class. It's pretty stellar! You'll see!

Until then,


  1. That multicolor search lab looks really cool. Really cool, like those little record earrings (also, I want a pair).

    I'm sure your cheesecake will be delicious. check out these brownies, I think you'd appreciate their cuteness level.

    I've made tons of things from her site, and everything is so delicious.

    looking forward to the transfer method!

  2. Anonymous13.2.11

    Those cotton candy earrings are the BEST! YUM! :